Enlightened woman has always remained silent.  The reason is simple: her feminine nature is non-verbal.  Her evolution and expansion of Consciousness is illogical, supra rational and nuclear.

Amma, Mother Meera and so many evolved women wordlessly transmit an irradiation that catalyzes an internal energetic and planetary activity.  It is no more and no less important than the function that man exerts; it is different.

Women today are no longer silent.  We know how to handle ideas and concepts of varied abstractions.  We can be logical and rational.  We fulfill the same roles as men.  It is time to speak clearly about what a woman’s path consists of and how her constitution affects human behavior, changes structures, and develops unprecedented systems.  The “new”, the upcoming, is Feminine and “feminine” is cellular.

When I lived in India for over a decade, I was told that a woman does not have a “kundalini”; she IS Kundalini.  It took a while to understand what that meant.  I also heard that there are two spiritual paths for humanity.  One is called “Netti-netti”, the ascetic path.  The other is known as “Itti-itti”, the devotional path.  According to this belief, everything or nothing is divine and the human being orients itself through only one of these ways.  After years, I have discovered what feminine energy is about and in what its journey consists. The feminine process comprises a third path, neither straight, nor round.  It is global, atomic and represents the sentient intelligence of all her senses in the multiple possible and simultaneous planes of sensitivity.

Woman is Kundalini because all of her is motor power.  Her presence anywhere is the fuel that makes everything work.  She gestates and reformulates substance, be this of the earth or of the human body, be this a circumstance, an atmosphere, an idea or a condition.  Whole woman, body, mind and feeling, is a unit that irradiates like a sphere.  Like the earth, like the moon and the stars.  This is why she has always been hailed as the initiator, bridge between the heavens and the earth.  All is contained within her.

The evolution of planet Earth is synonymous to the evolution of womanhood.  For this reason these are times where women who know speak and take action, and sensitive women awaken.  Instead of forcing conditions that no longer have any relevance, it is time to listen to Woman.

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