We are inextricably linked to the elements of matter that clothe us and to intelligence that suffuses every thought, feeling and activity.  The human being transforms matter by its power of thought, feeling and the spoken word. We exist in multiple dimensions of being accessed by modulating our own vibratory frequencies. Inner Alchemy implies that nothing in our world is outside the realm of our influence.

Everything associated with the body-machine, including emotions and concrete mind is programmed and responds as a unit to a central reference. Through natural resonance as correspondence and sympathy, a person conditions his body and world constantly by the way he applies attention, sensitivity, and intention. Human creations including personality are colored by the quality of focus of our personal identity.  This may be related to the ego self or to spiritual reality. In the first case, creations reflect the binding power of matter; in the second, the expansive reflection of spirit.

However, supreme central Intelligence at our core is a still point of Consciousness.  As thought waves control matter, so does higher mental frequency control ordinary thought and the matter it structures. In the case of Inner Alchemy, what determines creations is the attunement to central Self, the “sun” in our universe, the real Self as Consciousness. Attune any part to the core quality and all others follow suit.

Recognizing that it is within our power to alter our body, mind, feelings and world, diverse practices are used to manage and modulate energy and force. Transformation and eventual transmutation begins with personal identity and extends to spiritual enfoldment. Through heightened sensitivity and awareness the “base metals” corresponding to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our constitution, are refined.  Ultimately, the process suggests a self-monitoring system that is a direct result of awareness and sensitivity.

The alchemical analogy of transmuting lead into gold symbolizes the transmutation that produces spiritual ennoblement and inner revelation, “inner alchemy”.  In embodiment, the process alters significantly for women and men, hence the creation of the school of Feminine Mysteries” within the philosophy of Inner Alchemy as defined by the book, “The Inner Woman”.

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