Feminine Mysteries remind women just how they are Light Bearers and the foundation of a new cycle. 

The Mysteries open perception beyond the linear mind and the physical senses.  Woman is revealed as the living repository of knowledge, force and transmission through the activation of her unique feminine polarity.  This enhances receptivity to formlessness, recognizes the dynamics of creation within herself, and understands the power of Presence, the duty of ethical transmission in the construction of worlds.  Experience is direct, involving energetic manipulation of physical forces, emotion and the concrete mind.

The faculties developed through the Feminine Mysteries represent equilibrium between love and fear leading to harmony and the miraculous.  This means a balance between affirmation and negation that does not look for specific results but rather establishes a climate of trust and beauty.

Foremost in the curriculum of the Feminine Mysteries is mastery over the astral plane, the huge nebulous belt of illusion and distortion separating the physical and desire world from Reality, and which is an indelible part of woman’s own nature.

The Teaching revolves around woman’s direct experience of mystery.

The mysteries of Isis involve mastery over the forces of magnetism, ritualistic magic of the Earth and human healing forces.  It includes everything about the human anatomy, the physical and semi-physical world, and the forces of Nature, from their cosmic origin to their materialization. This includes dominion over sacred sexual dynamics. Women access elemental forces through the body, in order to contain, master and refine them.

Having dominion over the elements of earth, water, fire, and air, represents learning eventual control over electromagnetism, culminates in direct knowledge.

The mysteries of Mary Magdalene involve the mastery of resonance and the direct experience of vibrations in order to reach the energetic fine-tuning necessary to access the higher planes and bring down what is required for spiritual work. They focus on daily life and personal experience charged by human heart power.  Practices allude to the higher mysteries from olden times that had been the heritage of women as invokers who gestate and manifest cosmic substance.

Building on those of Isis, the Magdalene Mysteries exalt the sacredness of genders and the continuity with ancestors and descendants.  Naturalness and spontaneity elevate the concept of sexuality to its original state as divine gestating fullness. 

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