WHAT ARE THE FEMININE MYSTERIES?isis-unveiled-ka-kathryn-june-955w

Series on Feminine Mysteries, Part II

Feminine Mysteries is the legacy of womankind. Its nature mirrors that which occurs within and through women’s inner structure, a non-rational, direct immersion into the continuous movement of the universe. Some might call it Chaos, but rather than disorder this dynamic discloses Truth. In occult schools of development this range of experience is a fundamental requirement for initiation into advanced practices for both genders, because it opens the door to that which exists beyond the linear mind and the physical senses. This is why its processes are called “mysteries”. For men they are mysterious but for women their indefinable mechanism is commonplace.

In the Egyptian formula the “lesser” Moon mysteries of Isis (the feminine) opened the way for the “higher” Ossyrian or solar mysteries (the masculine) that teach the directing and structuring of life forces. Both stages are to be lived and not merely understood. Each develops a peculiarity of gender with the purpose of creating balance and evoking the construction of a better world jointly.

Humanity has undergone many evolutionary cycles in different phases. As humanity develops greater skills and evolves collectively, each era has provided a new understanding of Truth. A first, now mythical civilization taught through severe asceticism. A second period swung in the opposite direction of idealism devoid of reality. The third and best known to us, the Egyptian, encoded universal principle through rules and ritual, trying to compensate for the insufficiencies of the first two civilizations. In doing so it created a system of caste, rigidity and alienation. Instead of allowing for an opening to the amplitude of multidimensional energies, pyramids, for example, limit the access to a certain gamma of frequencies held at the King’s Chamber. The unfathomable amplitude of mystery is much vaster.

In general, occult teaching has remained at the Egyptian phase: specialized, limited, and exerting a form of power that is based on domination and control over others and the environment. The Hermetic ritualism that was instrumental in codifying the transmission of knowledge became the norm. Instead of experience, our world has stressed system and technique aimed at results but empty of the profoundly altering spiritual content characteristic of the Feminine Principle. The illogical, formless mystery that women live has been curtailed through insistence on reason, meaning, purpose and form. This has served to undervalue women’s own knowledge of the universe, themselves, and has affected the sensibility of the entire Race.

Today we have male norms and male teachers imposing their methods over willing women. In the remote past this would have been unthinkable.  It is not possible for a male polarity to live and much less transmit mysteries experientially without the priestess who is, in fact, the repository of that knowledge, force and transmission. Even if men hold the formulas, the guardians of living mysteries are always women.isis-unveiled

The Greeks led the next phase of development. Their lifestyle was an echo of the second civilization, rescuing simplicity and transmitting cosmic law in a practical way. However, it was not until the arrival of the Christ that the original soul-based spirit of inspiration, characteristic of the original Archangelic Human, returned to planetary life. “Love one another as yourself,” marks a return to an understanding of the Feminine Principle that blended with the old teaching of solar religions, creating a balance between Christos and Sophia, between family and mysticism. It transmitted, for the very first time, the meaning of individual karma, the basic element of conscious human development.

Mary Magdalene, who was schooled in the Isis tradition and bred in Greek erudition, updated the Isis mysteries for posterity, addressing the women of today. She did this in accordance with the new world teaching brought by Jesus through his mother. It is time that we view the Magdalene as an incarnation of the Feminine Path, a Teacher, and not as a mere secondary support figure. And, it is time we stopped allowing men to define and interpret her for us.

It must be understood that the original principles of “The Way”, the base of Christianity, were intrinsically feminine, based on the power of the heart as higher intelligence, and the practice of transmutation derived from soul power. This was firmly established upon the planetary web through the joint activity of Jesus and the Magdalene over many years. She created the field; he invoked and directed the forces.

Jesus made it clear that the mysteries cannot be transmitted merely through ritual or the sharing of information. His transmission was for “those with eyes to see and ears to hear”. He simplified the current of teachings by stressing direct heart contact through humane sensitivity. The foundation was rooted on a solid group of women led by the Magdalene. The proverbs were meant to be inspirational, suggesting rather than stating Truth; transformational experience was elicited through the presence of a feminine passage. This is how the World Teacher foresaw and prepared for the future, the coming of the Feminine Cycle, and it is a far cry from the dogma and intellectualism that came to supplant the sensitive intelligence of the inner world.

The Feminine Mysteries today are the teachings of the Magdalene. The journey begins with individual experience and ends in the embrace of the collective, the whole of humanity. It suggests a process of dynamic flow that mimics the continuous transformations of life itself. For women, this teaching requires the activation of the unique feminine polarity that enhances receptivity to formlessness within a world of form, recognizes the dynamics of creation within herself, and understands the power of Presence, the duty of ethical transmission in the construction of worlds. A woman learns it all by going within herself.

Upon entering into the conscious path of femininity, a woman must first set aside all that she has come to believe about herself and her function in society. This can only happen in the energy field of other women. In doing this she blends with infinity of other women who have preceded her, linking with the wisdom of the ages and the possibilities for the future through inner, direct channels.

A second and most difficult step for the woman aspiring for initiation into the mysteries consciously, lies in learning to stabilize the tremendous powers that surge through her feelings and sensibility, through her peculiar mind, and foremost through her body, without exploiting it or allowing herself to be exploited. It demands she conquer her emotional and physical mechanisms and is able to resist the tremendous pressure of male dominance as well as her own need to serve and belong.

Lastly on this journey, every woman’s life reveals a very specific purpose that, through discovering her inner core connects her in a unique way to the whole. It implies discerning higher purpose and recognizing that the entirety of Creation is her child. Her active response is wholly of her choosing.

Our historical moment in the evolutionary schema requires a further elevation of The Way through acceptance without confrontation. This involves both genders in the building of new forms: strong feminine influence as a base, plus conscientious male activity allied to the spirit of the Feminine Principle.

Healing happens through understanding, love and compassion, not through ritual and the desire to correct or fix anything or anyone. The Feminine Mysteries of today set the tone for our time, as Isis did in hers, and Magdalene in her own. The faculties developed through them represent equilibrium between love and fear that leads to harmony and the miraculous. This means a balance between affirmation and negation that does not look for specific results but rather establishes a climate of trust and beauty.

Last but not least, the world today demands acknowledgment of different polarities that comprise the spirit in physical incarnation. This dictates we embrace Chaos and the shadows in a balanced way, achieving neutrality without negating the function of the negative. The call to free ourselves of fear and spread our wings beyond the simplistic and superficial concept of good and evil is imminent, that we may rise into the realm of the truly universal once again.

Women are asked to embody Truth. In this respect we recognize that divinity within is different from an external God and urge everyone, beginning with our own children and the men we love, to find their level of spirituality outside of sects or religions. This is the spirit that leads to global understanding and forgiveness. Spiritual world leaders that unite to enclose the original essence of The Way, as demonstrated by the Pope, are paving the way at this very moment. Let us women embrace, support, and amplify that spirit. Now, to work!


Original published 5 July 2014.


Continued: The Teachings of Isis and Mary Magdalene

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