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I see many colourful posts on FB bearing sayings that allude to spiritual development.  Each conveys a message meant to comfort, inspire, instruct or make light of situations in our lives that prove difficult.  To some I click on the “like” button, others bring a smile, but a few make me frown for being seriously misleading.  Here are a few of the latter ones I found recently.

(Original in Spanish:) “Cuando vibras alto, cualquier energía o pensamiento negativo dirigido a ti… se transforma en LUZ.”

“When your energy is high, any energy or negative thought directed at you becomes transformed in LIGHT”.  This is very attractive and sounds easy. But, it is doesn’t work this way.  People confuse “high” with “intense” or “virtuous”.  The subliminal belief is that to evoke higher frequencies, we must behave in terms of “positive” affirmations.  Where there is “positive”, there is “negative”.  Alone, these statements are supposed to alter the thinking mind, the metabolism, and thus transform our world.  Nobody speaks about the veils they create, or the nature of illusion itself.  All that is not construed as “light” is rejected, ignored or avoided, without facing the causal factors that are bound to reformulate infinite effects.

To live in a high vibratory frequency entails ALL of oneself, body, mind and emotions.  “High” is equal to level of consciousness plus awareness; it does not have a purpose.  It doesn’t require we behave in any particular way, be vegetarian, dress in white, or meditate regularly. The implication here is that negativity, understood as the most normal array of human emotions and thoughts that course through our bodies and minds daily, is bad.  Behind the advice lies judgement and reproach.

High frequencies affect the overall energy pattern and everything in our world.  This means that, far from transforming supposedly dark energies into light, the force field augments them, and they in turn seek expression or resolution of some sort.

The normal person is not a magician who can wave his magic wand and with one virtuous pronouncement transform lead into gold, and yet this is what we are being sold.

“Nunca nos esqueçamos de que nosso Corpo é só uma vestimenta, e que nos conectamos a Força da Luz apenas por meio da beleza da nossa alma.”

“Let us never forget that our Body is just the clothing, and that we connect with the Force of Light only through the beauty in our soul”.   An inspirational thought that is deeply imbedded in old school beliefs, and the separation of body from soul.

This particular thought takes us into a denial of the ordinary in favour of the transcendent quality of life.  It is wonderfully escapist.  Some cabbalistic schools favour the idea that the body is something other than soul and without saying so, as it is, it is impure or unimportant.  Rather than fostering balance and harmony, it creates a kind of avoidance and severity.

The next two sayings appeared separately in one single day, and both in Portuguese.

“Perdoe seus inimigos, mas nao os confunda com um amigo.”

 “Forgive your enemy, but do not mistake him for a friend.” 

This one entails the kind of forgiveness that, contrary to the meaning of the term, is very conditional and distorts the definition of “friendship”.  Nevertheless we know what it implies.  As with everything in our world that we tend to separate into black and white, good and bad, what we like and what we don’t, we divide people into friends (we trust) and enemies (we don’t).  With the former we “open” with the later we remain cautiously “closed”.  The whole proposition is preposterous.  It is based on a system of defence and mistrust rather than understanding.

If someone obstructs or offends you, are they necessarily your “enemy”?

On the spiritual journey we come to understand that enemies do not really exist, at least not in the sense of irrevocable malice, because all circumstances offer valuable lessons to be learned.  We should know by now that no one can exploit another who has not exposed him or herself to being used.  There are certain ground rules, and those pertaining to retaliation apply only when one is defending a territory, a distinction, or a separation.  This points to a law that relates to matter and survival, not to spiritual consciousness.  It is not about opening or closing our sensitivity.  Awareness does not imply partiality, nor stupidity, both extremes of emotional, possessive thinking.

We can’t seem to simply let go of an issue in true understanding of the human condition, while taking precautions including from our own manipulation.  Instead, we need to blame.  To really forgive IS to forget. 

Actually, “forgiveness” is a myth, a device we need to enable us to live in a simulacrum of peace.  Life is far from peaceful.  How can anyone be so presumptuous as to believe that he or she can “forgive”?  Or be forgiven? We must live with the consequence of our actions and this is what makes us grow spiritually.  All that is needed is understanding. 

Commonly speaking, to forgive implies that someone is wrong.  This way of thinking does not allow for any kind of error, either in perception, or intent.  And what is worse, rather than forgetting, the forgiving person has ample room to feel virtuous, if not magnanimous. 

“Perdoar nao significa concordar com o ato errado; perdoar significa ser livre de um peso que vc nao fez nada para merecer.”

“To forgive does not mean to agree with what is wrong; forgiving means being free from a weight that you did nothing to deserve.

This saying has the intention of instructing us in the ways of forgiveness, all the while exempting the offended party, who is allowed to remove himself from all wrong.  As if this were true or possible!

Wouldn’t “loving” be enough?  If we were to practice love as a State of Consciousness, something that every single religion in the world teaches, not just Christianity, there would be the kind of understanding that comes from the intelligence of the heart, the sensible kind. To get out of the way, in other words to get off centre-stage, would be the best solution of all.

(Literal) “If you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weights you down”.  What does “give up” or “shit” mean in this context?  “Ignore”, “cast aside”? Can we get rid of whatever bothers us, or weighs us down, by burying our head in the sand like the ostrich?

Again we come up with the mass belief in the supreme power of the thinking mind in our time, a practice that rather than remedy a situation, creates more fantasy, illusion, and illness.

Does “flying” allude to angels?  Does it imply the kind of high that some meditations promise? What is the difference, then, from drugs or entertainment?

If something bothers us, the spiritual solution is not to get rid of it or even give it up, but to deal with it with intelligence and neutrality.

“Weight” always refers to the body and to matter.  We are encouraged to carry it lightly.  Without the sense of “weight” we would be unable to sense ourselves, much as the “good” would lose meaning without the “bad”.  Everything offers an opportunity for awakening and self-mastery.


One thought on “THIS AND THAT

  1. Morena

    Dear Zulma,

    As always you give us the direction to awareness so we can find the light we are all able to see. Again and again you offer us the understanding that we must not be blinded by the flashes of fantasy that exists underneath some of these man made phrases that continue to lead us into a dream or illusionary state.

    i would love to hear more about the Laws and rules that are product of our minds and are absolutely necessary in maintaining our believe system running and most important the Laws of the Universe that naturally runs in alignment with every action (passive or active). How do they really operate in us and therefor in the world of existence? How can we get in contact with it and how to make use of it? Could you please enlighten us a little more?!

    In gratitude,

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