The Program

THE PROGRAM I:  GLOBAL MINDSET8416260119_dd24ba3042_z

The Program is the planetary filter that conditions the behavior of an era.   

A long time ago humanity lost track of the precious knowledge that the human being is free and already equipped with connections that allow it to recognize, link and rule over inner and outer reality.  As the human model, we are designed to construct our own world as autonomous, individual, and fully conscious beings.  We possess the equipment but we do not yet know how to access the structure that will enable us to recognize that, far from being ignorant sheep, we are creators.

Today, when humanity has evolved sufficiently to self-destruct, a consistently niggling feeling surfaces; we sense that somewhere within us lies a key to the freedom and creativity we crave.  We perceive an invisible barrier that prevents us from discovering or even inquiring further and don’t know how to break through.

A rigorous and extremely subtle social program which begun as a measure to safeguard the greater good and assure continuity, has developed into a mighty barrier of multileveled human creation, and is solidly ingrained into the texture of our life.  It is addressed to no one in particular but rather to the “idea” of the group and for the convenient management of masses rather than individuals.  It annihilates anything that threatens its cohesion.  For this reason it suffocates all spontaneous individual impulse, from instinct to intellect, physical sensation to awareness of inner forces.  It destroys authentic perception, intelligence, and feeling-sensitivity that will not come under its control.

Every cycle of human evolution develops a program that delineates the parameters of the evolutionary purpose.  Ours in particular has been a masculine cycle, structured to form, hold, conquer, expand, and govern.  The program harnesses both physical and spiritual force using the lowest common denominator: implied or applied physical force involving body, mind and feelings. In our cycle it instigates and feeds off fear, focusing exclusively on one form or another of the survival instinct.

Our Program is simple.  It maintains a very concrete, polarized either/or, black/white, and good/bad premise.  Containment of instinct and intuition in the service of materialism is achieved by encapsulating thinking into a series of basic beliefs.  Formulated over thousands of years and extending into all expressions of human life, these are the core beliefs that guide the individual:

º Alone, I am ignorant, vulnerable, and powerless.
º Organizations dictate, determine, and control reality.
º Personal power and merit within our hierarchical structure is achieved through effort and manipulation.

If we scratch the surface of much “innovative” thought, we discover that it adheres to the same formula with different packaging.  Someone is always led and someone is always the leader.  This is especially so in business, but is also prevalent in the quality of our affections.  Life is restricted to what we see and touch, and to what can be weighed and measured.  Wisdom repeats the past.  Within this deranged reasoning, to succeed somehow implies being better that another, and the goal always is to “win”.

Mental dominance reigns on two levels.  The first is arrowed towards the conception of life, the world, and human purpose; the second covers feelings triggered by physical life.  The first standardizes the appearance world, and the second molds the feeling nature of the human being.  The highest value is placed on tangibility and sustainability, and by consequence on practicality, efficiency, expediency, continuity, and convenience.   Instead of Self-integrity, the individual automatically craves public recognition.

Soul aspirations have been kept separate.  They suggest a different, mysterious and somewhat fanciful evasion of dictated norm.  Instead of embracing the formlessness they represent, the dynamic that holds everything in its place in our world is made to replace our intelligence.  This mechanism efficiently shapes public belief, emotion and activity.  It imbeds our literature, our music, our art, and is handed down through generations as deep resonant patterns.  With different coloring, it affects everyone everywhere.  It is so well ensconced into the human agenda that it appears self-generated and is spontaneously self-enforced.  We do not see it, do not notice it, and yet it traps us in its molds.  We cannot help it.

Feeling sensitivity is made subject to the laws of matter.  As individuals we define ourselves by what others say we are, and read them in the same light.  Sensibilities become “things”; the fullness of existential experience is dampened by implied condemnation.  The sense of “quality”, so characteristic of inner life and reality loses significance.  Instead of Self-realization, self-worth reflects social ratings.theseus-ariadne-LDS

Gender role is foundational to The Program.  It demonstrates the polarized standard mentioned previously.  The male is seen as positive and the female as negative. God Himself is ultimate male power and control, destined to eternal activity.  The Program declares that little girls are pink and little boys are blue. The Program says that women are yin and men are yang.  And The Program suggests that men and women need one another.  But somehow, this “need” is confusing and contradictory.  Men and women do not need one another in the same way.  Whereas the almightiness of men depends on women, The Program does not recognize women’s different and indefinable nature.

A woman is indispensible to The Program but she never quite fits in, because her structure is designed for sensitivity and fluidity.  It is difficult to translate the force of her strengths and purposes into standard issue, be this upper, lower or middle class, left or rightist leanings.  Vetoed for being irrational, impractical, inconvenient, uncomfortable, unstable, and unpredictable, a woman learns the art of pretense until she yields enough to fit into The Program.  She invalidates herself and her sensibility recedes underground, where it is deformed if not lost entirely.

In this cycle that is ending, it has not been possible for a woman to unravel the coil of her enigmatic dynamic, upon which all that is material and tangible unfolds, that force that is so necessary to the sustenance of The Program itself.   The rules have not permitted the transmission of the depth that women represent.  Nevertheless, the persistent incoming flow of this greater sensibility that is not defined by need or power of one gender over another, of one human being over another is increasing.

Today, woman is able to tap into and reveal the hidden dynamic of life itself of which she is the guardian. In the vacuum that she represents, she brings the experience of the new and unforeseen, corresponding to the incoming feminine cycle.  A Program that is not defined by divisions and labels is emerging.

In a feminine reality that embraces both formal and formless parameters, we can reformulate programs that comply with the needs of matter, while stemming from the flow of sentience and sensibility. Then intellect responds to intelligence and intelligence may serve consciousness.

It is impossible to foresee what the norms for the coming feminine cycle will be.  All we know is that, right now, we must break free and follow the small niggling feeling that tells us that we Know.


Published originally 25 March 2013.



3 thoughts on “The Program

  1. Inge van Bergen

    Dear Zulma,
    My heart cries reading this text. Over such a long time I have been studying and thinking about this. And so many points you describe that are so like my conclusions in my learning.
    That is what I wanted to share, the enjoyment of the richness of your blog. Thank you.

    And now I suddenly feel a “But:….” . The one we live in now has the masculine qualities.
    We differ on the idea of the next cycle as a feminine cycle. I follow Gimbutas that we had a feminine cycle before this one. So for me the next cycle will be a synthesis. In my thinking I call it the Cosmic One. The One that is the goal of so many spiritual schools. It is where thesis rubs antithesis en has the eyes not in the head but in the conscious heart, that looks from the eyes of The All. And in this view from the Cosmic standpoint we can see ourselves as e.g. the liver cells of this organism and we experience our consciousness from this One level, where we need no longer our type of consciousness.

    Off course this is very metaphysical language. But I think that you cannot give a description of the new Paradigm in the language and images of the old one.
    Inge from Holland

    1. theinnerwoman

      Dear Inge, It is true that we cannot give a description of the new paradigm in the language and images of the old one, but we do know, from precedence, that there is an incoming cycle and that this one, whatever we call it, is at an end. Please don’t see “end” as failure! And when I speak about a feminine incoming cycle, I do not imply that men, or the masculine, will be out of order! There is no competition.
      I do not agree with you about an amalgam-cycle. It will be spiritual and in my perception, feminine. But not the qualities of the feminine as perceived through the masculine lens, as we perceive ourselves. It is simply a fine gamma of frequencies that will inspire spirituality. Please stay tuned to my next post (next week), where I will speak about the Feminine Cycle and you will understand better. If you still have doubts, please write again! Thank you, Inge! xxx Zzz

      1. Inge van Bergen

        Dear Zuma,
        already a second letter, I opened your site because I wanted to connect to beautiful feelings before going to bed and now that I have slept over it I like to add some remarks.
        In terms of the old Paradigm it should only be like: The locus of consciousness and systems of acting will be not only in the individual human/human group but will be from the System of the whole Cosmos as well.
        (It has no need to go further and state that once you have visited your consciousness on the Cosmic- or to start with: Gaia level, that your will have to change your views from the individual standpoint. That is why you can never communicate the new Paradigm in terms of the old one.)

        A second point, which I still have not cleared for myself, is the feeling that I do not stand in a feminine line, but in a matriarchal. In the actual paradigm/Cycle you want to put the feminine against the masculine and to rub towards a creative synthesis..
        But I often also experience there the Mother-Son. Oh dear what a consequences. But this is what I feel and recognize also in old texts. Where are you standing ? Can you throw some Light on it?

        Sorry if my English is clumsy. it is not my language.
        Thank you for all your wisdom.

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