Everything that we experience here-now we do in time-space through our thinking, sensing and feeling.  This describes existence in matter, defining personality and life style.  Everything perceived beyond the senses is attained through a state of non-doing or Consciousness, called “Being”.   Every human being participates in both matter and consciousness in different degrees of awareness and involvement.


There is an outer world of consensus reality and there is an inner world of subtle perception.  The inner world has two aspects: it is psychological and subjective, or it goes beyond this internal script, into the perception of soul and spirit reality.  The inner world referred to here is spiritual.


Gender lends special and immutable attributes of force and energy to physical life and functions under natural law.  It affects expression that includes everything from the body, to the world.

Both woman and man experience physical life through the same process.  For men it is revealed as persistent thought dynamic.  For woman it is the pervading quality of the feeling impulse.

Through the way woman is built, in other words the way she resonates in matter, woman creates and qualifies the space for man, endowed with his own particular structure, to project thought and build form into the world. The forces and energies contacted though the play of genders give meaning and cohesion to the world.


The Inner Self is the spirit that drives us to feel, to sense, and to define ourselves.  It is the soul of gender, the force that ignites and guides expression.  It is the most powerful impulse to be whatever it is that we choose to be.  It expresses differently in men than in women.  It is not to be confused with personality, which is a choice.


When a woman embraces both her outer and inner world she becomes an instrument of fate enabling a new world.  This is the nature of the Inner Woman.

The Inner Woman relates to physical life but is not personally oriented.  She is its soul and contact with spirit.  As the heart of the female gender, she empowers without retaining power, she enables while not needing to manifest that which she inspires. She connects with spirit while being wholly human, embodying the creative impulse for all of life.  Most importantly she ennobles nobility, the essence of the Inner Men who are the natural “doers” of the world.

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