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sun-moon-star-nightINNER WOMAN AND INNER MAN

Women and men desire to work together, side by side in true partnership.  The problem is that when we come together we do so out of lack rather than fullness.  We believe the other is meant to complete or balance us, and seem to be attracted to projections of ourselves, or what we believe we need, instead of to differences that might prove challenging and obligate us to assume full responsibility for ourselves.  We expect to be loved for what we do and love others for how they present themselves, rather than for what one is.  In the professional field we judge and compete according to predetermined goals and standards, rather than distinguish unique faculties, attributes and unforeseen perspectives.  This is no ground for partnership.

We need to redefine partnership, the couple, and equality as the co-existence of difference and uniqueness.  Rather than the common belief that genders compliment one another, that they are halves of a whole, and that we must “help” one another, each of us might strive to be whole and authentic.

We pay a considerable amount of attention to appearances and very little to the invisible qualities of persons, especially if they are not expressed in direct relation to us. The nature of inherent grace, presence, inspiration, the quality of caring and motivation, and the kind of stability issued from a person that permeates a condition or a noble act… these do not relate to what the person does or their behaviour.  They describe a quality that falls into the exalted and unique nature of the genders.

Our body is the primary instrument through which we experience life and gain mastery.  Female or male, each offers unique energetic features.  Organic and sensible differences precondition both perception and the quality of activity in the world, easily eclipsed by the excessive importance placed upon results.

Women and men share an outer world and a subjective reality that is its reflection.  Soul, a completely neutral and transcendent state, is a subtle influence that is inspirational rather than physical.  The inner condition of gender is something different.  It relates to the interface between soul and personality that transcends subjectivity while embracing it.  Most importantly, it reflects physical energies and leaves a very distinct mark upon the texture of our world.

Invisible gender attributes develop into possibilities that contribute to the refinement of culture and humanity.  Some unnoticed women and men have attained to the fullness of evolution and constitute the illumined individual for our time.  Theirs is a natural spirituality that enfolds body, mind and feeling.  They have attained to what I call the INNER WOMAN and the INNER MAN.

It always amazes me that studies have not been made of the numerous occult variants between genders.  Ordinary female and male development is not defined by acts, opinions, appearance, or social acceptance. The determining factor is the perspective offered through each and their innermost experience.  There are certain things we cannot change, such as our vision of the world, spontaneous innermost priorities, and the way we react viscerally, intellectually, and creatively.

Being a woman, or a man, means living a particular chemistry and structure that echoes different rhythms, compulsions, and characteristics.  Most subtle behaviour and personal experience correspond to gender affiliation.  Of course we like the same things, and work towards common goals.  But, a woman is a woman and a man is a man because she or he “senses” the world in a specific way.  Esoterically this relates to alternate currents of electromagnetism and resonance.  Our vocabulary does not have terms for them, and our sensibility is not yet sufficiently awakened to appreciate them.

It is said that women are homemakers and men are breadwinners.  We know that this is not wholly accurate and yet there is some truth to these stereotypes. In a variety of ways women are motherly even if they never give birth and become prominent CEO’s, and men perform and compete, even when there is no profit to be made and they assume the role of parent.  Each gender presents advantages and special features even while performing tasks normally attributed to the other.  This does not suggest superiority but rather exclusivity.  The implications of this are phenomenal: women do not have to become like men to succeed; men do not have to emulate women to show sensitivity.  Each has its own formulas that do not imply having a male or female counterpart within.

Our participation in life requires the mirror held by the other gender.  This is not due to any emotional or physical need; it is in the dynamic of three dimensional life and evolution.  Gender difference adds a special attraction, incentive and challenge to expressions that colour our surroundings, without this being competitive. Independently, yet in parallel ways, genders weave the textures of reality. The forces and energies define us, evoke, hold, and set the rhythm of the world.

Woman and man, each in their way, is whole yet different. Neither may fully perceive through the lens held by the other. At the core of feminine and masculine expression is a formidable source of light that emerges only when we have lived life fully, inwardly as well as outwardly, obeying the delicate imperatives dictated by gender. This is a deliberate choice we make before incarnating.

Attainment is wholly individual. The wellspring that arises within all-one-ness is synonymous to fullness.  Only then, the genders may build together a new world that is beyond their own scope; togetherness is the result rather than the end.  At this point love is no longer the affection that binds two persons in any way.  It shines as recognition and appreciation.

I have been writing about the INNER WOMAN for the last few years, describing her condition as the perfume that emanates from she who has come to terms with all of life, who is not afraid to be human, natural, authentic or different.   This woman cares deeply about everything, enough to stand alone, if necessary.  She has realized her innermost potential but she has done this as a woman upon the earth and in the world.

Inner Woman is she who reclaims the right to birth humanity out of the emptiness she nurtures within, in contact with the experiences offered by our consensual world.  She is a woman who is whole, free, powerful and committed to all around her.  Such a woman bears any face, is of any profession, does anything, anywhere in the world because it is never about doing.  It is what she IS. Her inner self emerges through feeling and sentiment, triggering an ebbing tide that gathers to itself, enfolding, nurturing and preserving.

Each woman’s “inner woman” is as different as a star in the universe and yet arises from a common core.  A woman who realizes her inner self becomes an instrument of fate enabling a new world.  She is the soul of physical life and its bridge to spirit.  As heart, she empowers without retaining power.  Her gift to others is enablement.

Whereas the keynote for women is “emptiness”, for men, the realm of the inner is revealed in silence as “formlessness”.  This contact with his core precipitates activity and definition.  INNER MAN is the spiritual nexus of the Male Principle, implying manifest power.  His actions are not dictated by personal physical need or any image of masculinity.  He knows himself as Force.  He is the creative agent who leads out of righteousness and egolessness, protector and caretaker of humanity.  Any man, doing anything big or small, anywhere, becomes an Inner Man when he manifests his gender as the concretion of the Word.

Each “inner man” is as different from other men as systems of suns are from one another.  He who knows his inner man as silence, extends his quality into forms that give context to the world.  He creates the future by expressing the body of humanity, imposing value and incorporating nobility, protecting the feminine force of emptiness as the sentient soul of life everywhere.  He fills the world with expressions that convey divine purpose.

Without artifice, each gender responds to life in depth and magnitude with unique foundational patterns, and this is what it is all about.  Inner Self redefines our world and us. It is the secret elixir that enables friendship and love, happiness and illumination.

The quality of the world depends on the unique realization of each gender and the ultimate and sublime harmony of difference.  INNER WOMAN births and sustains the foundation for manifestation. She is Isis, queen of the night.  INNER MAN provokes the forces within formlessness in order to create a canopy for the infinite.  He is Ra, the luminous authority of day. There is no room for antagonism, imitation, or dependence in the face of such magnificence.


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