Original article appearing in Spanish in ATHANOR MAGAZINE # 94 (July/August 2012 edition)


by Zulma Reyo

After a long period of time where the Masculine Ray has predominated, the influence of the Feminine Ray is being felt increasingly over the Earth.  It will provoke all sorts of changes ranging from the most obvious, the way we think and the structure of our physical bodies.

Galactic Movements

At this moment, two determinant galactic movements affect humanity in important ways and mark a radical transition between different eras.

The first movement, associated with the end of the 5th Mayan Sun in this year 2012, has to do with a vibratory adjustment that favours the activation of consciousness in humanity.  It recalibrates the frequency of the planet with the rest of the Solar System, accelerating the vibratory rhythm of matter so that it matches the rest of galactic intelligence, or galactic heart.  This is something that occurs through the cells of the planet, in other words, humanity.  It is expected to change the world as we know it.

We have no precedents with which to evaluate what is happening; all we have is a kind of subtle inner memory that assures us that the “end” we witness is in reality a refining process, and that we already know about this.  Mayas date the creation of humanity to the year 16230 BC.  They also bear witness to interplanetary delegations.  In truth, civilization already existed for many thousands of years previously, under other starry alignments.  Classical Greek references of pre-dynastic Egyptian eras for these time periods attest to this, in spite of the severity of the prior glacial periods.  Habitation was sparse and human beings did not possess the psychological complexity we know.  Today we confront an end of cycle that is the beginning of another great cycle.  Planetary life, like all life, has never ceased to exist even if it has vibrated in different ways.

The second movement that affects us with increasing intensity is what I call the Feminine Ray and will come into full power in the year 2500.  According to my perception it comes from outside the Solar System.  This Ray alternates with the Masculine Ray, and the qualities of each gender reign during a psychophysical social structure lasting 5,000 years.  The ray in power affects us personally and collectively; it reorients and requalifies the expression of codes, dynamics, manifestation of intelligence, perception, and projection of human force.

The function of the Feminine Ray is not especially spiritual but one of refinement: it conduces humanity towards collective models that are compassionate.  It offers an alternative model to that which we know as the masculine.  It inspires woman to act with coherence in the leadership of the world today, through her peculiar individual and group receptive structure that is not based on reasoning.

The last time we witnessed an activity of this kind was during the time of Jesus and Magdalena.  Through her evolutionary lineage attuned to the matriarchy of antiquity and the Feminine Ray, Magdalena re-introduced this consciousness through her teachings and her mastery of forces, stellar and earthly.  She accompanied Jesus in a time of expanding male expression.  The movement was extinguished through brute force and the linear focus of the intellect, but it left traces that persisted and are re-emerging now.

The person of Magdalena serves as inspiration today, in particular the vision preserved by the Gnostic tradition.  She is a key for the understanding of galactic movement.  She belonged to an evolutionary lineage that was encoded in the Mayan calendar and she incorporated the Feminine Ray for our times.

The Matrix and the Migdal Towers

In the same manner that our planet spins around the Sun, our Consciousness spins around a Source-Principle.  The principle of the One manifests as higher order in the physical as in the subtle worlds.  It dictates the establishment of certain instruments (etheric structures and intelligent beings) that will insure a connection to Source, even if this is faint during certain times.

Each form responds to a mould or Idea.  For our physical planet there is a matrix that consists in a network of passages and filaments that cover and interpenetrate our Earth.  It is similar to our present day Internet, but at a much higher frequency.  Instead of acting within space-time, it links to structures, dimensions and levels of manifestation.  The matrix connects our planet with the Solar System and also with other systems.  This is the matrix that is now being activated.

There are beings in and out of embodiment that direct and collaborate from a higher mental level in the creation and sustenance of the matrix, as well as the lines of communication and enablement between dimensions.  As occurred with Magdalena, these beings move among humanity, most of them invisibly.  They continue the tradition that began at the onset of the race, when the forms we dressed were less dense.  For evolutionary need, both in matter as in consciousness, these structures condensed until arriving at the bodily form we dress today.

Those beings who were to be guardians and teachers until global humanity would reach the potency and refinement necessary, modulated their mind-consciousness as focus and direction, marking thus the vibratory rhythm of matter.  They used their mind to maintain their bodies and construct forms for general utility.

This knowledge became more restricted as the physical body of humanity and the planet collapsed into greater density.  Some of it was preserved by a few in what is now known as occult centres of learning.  Responding to the galactic call, some methods have been released to influence schools of thought and popular therapies of the moment, contributing to shape energetic systems and dynamics of movement.

There are disciples amongst us who know the process of alignment, intention and sustaining force that strengthen the matrix and give access to its multidimensional passages.  They know the placement of nexus that do not always correspond to sacred indigenous sites.  Their work with these passages does not limit itself to the physical level.  The places that have been consecrated and supervised by some ethnic groups have greatly helped to maintain a certain vibratory stability, but what will really mark a difference now is the collective state of being of humanity.  It is because of this that the call has been made so that multitudes may gather and donate their energies.

The process of synchronizing and energizing necessary for this galactic attunement, in other words the frequency level of humanity itself, is directed by initiates in incarnation, allied with Intelligence dedicated to this purpose, all of them and humanity in the correct frequency that allows for the alignment between the heavens and the earth.  This energetic compound, which actually consists of etheric or subtle substance, reproduces, nourishes and strengthens the original passages or tunnels.  As before and even now, the connection is maintained through conscious work that must include the way in which humanity lives and thinks daily.

The passages originally consisted of a combination of physical and mental substance.  They were composed of the very same light-substance as the bodies of the individuals in incarnation back then.  They tended to be used as means of transportation of light bodies and communication of thought-forms.  Each centre of transmission or teaching in different parts of the planet was connected horizontally with the world and the galaxy, as well as vertically with the dimensions.  In space they resemble vortices or black holes, but seen from the physical perspective they appear as towers, beams of light for humanity.  These later became representative platforms or altars.  Of them all, the vortex that is best known is the one accessed in the annual ceremony of Wesak (full moon in Taurus), a great passage through which forces, energies, intelligences and influences descend upon the planet, at the same time as humanities’ desires and aspiration rise through.

Ancient people such as the Sumerians or prehistoric Egyptians had knowledge of this structure.  The Hebrews at the time of Jesus called it a “migdal” or tower.  By association with her faculties and her work, this term became identified with Magdalena (migdal-ena).  She formed part of a custodian group within the ministry of Jesus.  The best records for these activities, which included the activation and management of lower worlds, are found in the Gnostic annals of the first Christian era.  Through the energies made available, people were purified and helped in their dimensional reconnection by enabling the passage of constructive forces.  This is how Jesus was able to realize his Great Work over the planet and humanity.

Beside approaching the resonance and reciprocity of antiquity, the actual activation of the Feminine Ray foments the strengthening of these passages as a climate for the manifestation of the planetary family.


To understand what evolution of humanity is about and the current stage we find ourselves in, we must understand that there are two levels of human development necessary and that these do not always coincide.  Material evolution and the expansion of Consciousness should balance one another.  In our stage of growth we excel in technological, physical and mental advancement, but we are far behind in the cultivation of Consciousness and perception.

Evolution of matter occurs physically; it is horizontal, linear and progressive.  Expansion of Consciousness embraces the total incorporation of our experience and human values, in a plane of refinement and vertical elevation.  The effect over matter could be seen as the product of the expansive, necessary action of male consciousness.  The work of sublimation, in other words of non-intellectual consciousness, would correspond to the feminine quality that we now enter, upon the solid bases of masculine labour.

Both aspects of evolution respond to a pulse set by humanity and physical solar influence.  Very subtle and powerful, luminous intergalactic currents compound this activity.  Subtle energies guide the consciousness of humanity and are directed wisely by Superior Intelligence responding to the law “like attracts like”.  When humanity is ready, that is to say when it is capable of sustaining very high frequencies and maintaining integrity within, it will be ready for the next step.

And the next necessary step for humanity and the planet is the cultivation of the quality of life that corresponds to the intensification of the Feminine Ray.  This represents a call to the development of feminine sensitivity and its influence.  It is the time now for the vertical dimension, the refined excellence of essential perception.  While the masculine structure offers vision, order and mental refinement, there is no machine or formula that can reach the vibratory amplitude and depth of the feminine structure.

The Value of the Feminine

At the conclusion of the Mayan cycles in this year 2012 and upon the approach of the incoming Feminine Ray, the need is for great quantities of specifically feminine energies.  It is the reverberation of this structure that enables the access and gestation of passages; it is a resonance that only woman can reach by virtue of her anatomy.  The priestess was and always will be the cornerstone in every ritual and spiritual process.

The Feminine Ray leads humanity towards models that are collective and compassionate.  It inspires woman to act coherently in the leadership of the world, through her peculiar receptive and group-oriented structure.

The development of consciousness requires the solid, discriminating base set by mental and physical discipline, a strong will, and the awareness of the world of light and shadows that we share.  Our Solar System demands a leap beyond frivolity and human convenience.  It requires massive collaboration today and a deep acceptance of the meaning of the feminine function and system.  We are orienting ourselves towards a greater and deeper vision of human and universal values, and woman is the bearer of the energetic quality and gestational knowledge to realize this.  The real work occurs behind the curtains of the obvious and reverberates in the consecrated womb of woman.

We are now at the crossroads; once more we may communicate and commune as we did in antiquity.  Many of us have worked hard for this, from pioneering activists and those who participated invisibly during past decades, to their continuation today.  It is a fact that the pressure between the emerging Light and the dense darkness intensifies on all planes.  So too our Purpose.  It is up to us to elevate the resonance of matter that clothes us.

Some of us work directly in the great cities to alter or link the “textures” of this physical world.  Of these, the most critical is the weaving of individual thought-forms that become crystallized as stereotypes and collective belief.  Even if only at the beginning, we may already perceive the intensity of this magnetic force that spills over the planet.  As well as activating the feminine psyche and mentality, the Feminine Ray is transforming all social expressions, governments and institutions.  Typical of its gender, it has done so through a process of melting the nucleus of each form, removing and extracting from the depth all that which offends human ethics and justice, and opposes the sanctity and integrity of each construction.

The Ray acts in a seemingly illogical and disorganized manner, with the typical ferocity of the lioness that so well represents the instinctive force of woman.  We could say that it is the return of the Sphinx who preserves, under a serene appearance, the force of Chaos that gave origin to life itself.   Governments, churches, cities, the economy, or our process of thinking will never be the same.

The moon and water were always symbols of the feminine that magnetizes and inundates, dissolves, activates whirlpools that polish, undo all rigidity and imperfection, without thought to appearances and promises of continuity.  Faithful to the passionate current that inspires, elevates and blossoms in infinite subtleties and perfumes of Creation.  It reminds us of what was and is possible through the humble sensibility and supreme nobility of a man, and the powerful cavity of a woman.  It is time, in all meanings of the term (structurally and psychically), for the Magdalene and for reconnection.

The Feminine Ray comes directed by the Cosmic Soul of all time and transcends form itself.  It arrives scintillating, dressed in magenta and gold, with diamond sparkles over a clear blue background.  It brings untold gifts, unknown formulas, transcendent possibilities and a deeply moving simplicity.


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