The Feminine Ray II


Innana/Ishtar, Sumerian

Innana/Ishtar, Sumerian

MMD – 2500 BC – 2500 AD

The Feminine Ray is magenta with gold.  It contains formulas and ingredients for humanity and breathes over the desert of the present moment like a sigh.

Everything in creation happens in cycles, greater or lesser, ruled by Cosmic Intelligence.  Emanations, as rays, affect the Solar System, calibrating and adjusting its parts to a greater vision and purpose.  Responding to necessity and rhythm, they nourish and influence humanity as its cells, with different qualities at different moments, alternating, defining eras, and determining expression.  The main ingredient that defines an era as an evolutionary phase awakens an inner quality in individuals until it eventually manifests as a collective movement.  It sets the immediate purpose of the Race throughout its duration.

Our civilization finds itself in the latter part of a cycle of 5,000 years, but this should not to be mistaken with the end of the 5th great K’atun cycle of the Mayas.  The influence of the gender rays qualifies the social expression that drives a civilization; the Mayan cycles relate to the pace of solar leadership and evolution.  Up to now, the activity decreed for our Earth necessary for growth and expansion has been wholly linear, conquering, constructive and ruled by the Masculine Ray.

The influence of the feminine intensifies.   As a result of global literacy and the worldwide nexus of communication that brings us closer to one another, women feel compelled to participate in and own a much broader and deeper reality than the one of our grandmothers.  We are attracted to arenas that had been exclusively male.  The Feminine Ray approaches and once rooted will last another 5,000 years.

The Masculine Ray last became fully activated in 2500 BC.  It saw the birth of structures such as Stonehenge, initiating a physical and material expansion of humanity.  The Feminine Ray will manifest fully in 2500 AD and will see the advent of a sustainable network of peace that is inconceivable for us, even now in its beginning.  It brings back a very ancient system of dimensional correspondences where subtle and multi-leveled perceptions predominate, as do cause over effect, the group or the family, and the connection with all that is transcendental.

The cosmic intelligence that cares for the planet and the solar system has little to do with personal will.  In this moment it stirs inexplicable yearnings within women, dreams that appear impossible, and connections at an unknown level of intelligence.  As humanity we are digesting this slowly, more slowly than the rate at which it is happening within us.  This lack of synchronization is the cause behind natural as well as human disasters.  The pressure is uncontrollable.

Women respond to the call of this nascent force powerfully and spontaneously.  We know everything that is wrong on our planet, not because it is mistaken but because we sense that something is missing.  It irritates us because that which is “missing” is us.   As mothers that we are, we know this.  An alarm rings that awakens our perception linked to faculties of inner vision and attunement.  We know, but we do not yet know what we know or where we are going.  The balance that we desperately search, the harmony we long for, are but intermediary steps for what in truth has nothing to do with adjustment or negotiation.  It is a total change of perspective that is gradually installing itself with the growing influence of cosmic emissions.

It is not about getting even or about taking over from the men.  It is about introducing our own perspective and method.  Actually, women’s reach does not manifest through competition or imposition.  Women possess an authentically feminine system that we are barely now recognizing.  To activate and implement it women are awakening to the fact that she is the one to provide what we are all yearning for.

A woman affects her environment through subtle emanations that may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Our world, our faculties, our worth reside in an extremely deep connection with the wealth of the cosmic source we carry within.  We don’t know this because our role during the past cycle has been another: to support man in the execution of his particular task.  This objective has already been met.

Aware, everything in a woman’s structure serves spiritual purposes.  The fact that she is, physically, an irresistible magnetic pole for man, and that he has reacted to this in such a way as to dominate and repress it, does not change the fact that she is an attractive, uncontrollable force.  Repressing or hiding her alters nothing.  Women gestate, and this function extends into all levels of manifestation, now more than ever.

Women possess another magnetic pole that is equally powerful but that goes unnoticed in the value system of our time.  Women are extremely sensible to minute frequency shifts in the universe.  We are veiled priestesses.

Women’s emotions are mighty, but the expression of her thinking mind is illogical, vague, and diffuse.  She knows what she feels but she does not know how to situate it within a greater framework.  She communicates through insinuations, empty spaces, gestures, and telepathic messages, all emitting different messages.  Her mechanism reflects a multi-dimensional reality that is simultaneous, telepathic and atemporal, that acts subliminally and indirectly.  Being holistic and multi-sensory, most of the time not even she knows what she knows.  Through her receptive mind, by the magnetic attraction of her body, and by the continuous modulation of her varying emotions… she attracts, cooks, and gestates worlds.  Constantly.

The recognition of what woman is begins with herself.  It requires leaving the expectations and securities of the past, the collective planetary programming, behind.  The focus is on another type of intelligence applied to all ambits of society.  Woman and her structure is the key.  It is not about competition but about a quantum leap.

With or without our agreement, in spite of the obstacles and resistance of a decaying world, a radical shift is occurring already and there is no escaping it.  A flexible structure without precedents is emerging.  The birthing feminine is simultaneity, multi-dimensionality, flexibility, subtlety, and an expansion that embraces a profound humanization.

The future now depends on feeling, not thinking exempt of tenderness and vulnerability.  In this is the key to human development and the access to higher faculties that are not “done” and cannot be “seen”.  They are felt, lived, and known.

The purpose of the era that began in 2500 BC was to install norms, rules and measures, define territory, develop science and knowledge, exploring and redefining nations, races, and cultural groups.  It has culminated in our global society: the form that favors matter and survival, physical and linear force, that which imposes as much to create as to destroy, that which gave authority to man over woman, and to the reign of the intellect, science, and religious organizations.

The transition of gender expression from one cycle to another is difficult.  It is understandable that the entire structure that has prided itself in the application of strength through competition, the accumulation of power and all the forms of physical potency representative of combat, material domination and power over the animal kingdom would resist any change and find it inefficient and inconvenient.

Today we experience sequential reality in a strange manner.  It seems that time stops and accelerates simultaneously.  These are moments of introspection and revision, of powerlessness, of surrender and opening to the unknown.  Beyond the gender dynamic represented by human beings, the masculine coexists with the feminine, and even while many try to preserve the status quo asking for balance, cosmic destiny calls for qualitative change.

We are heading into an era ruled by the higher intelligence of the heart that far from being emotional is a holistic intelligence that opens the portals of perception beyond time.  Cosmic Intelligence dictates a realignment on the one hand, corresponding to the end of the 5th Mayan cycle, and also a transition to the kind of society that will establish the Earth as a Planet of Peace in the exact galactic centre of this system.  The Feminine Ray is the means.

The social change will happen through the strength of incarnated femininity.  The masculine gender is not constructed for it.  It arises through the experience of being woman, her psychophysical reverberations and her ascent to the active intelligence of the heart.  Only then, by contagion, will this energy be gestated and, with the help of the masculine gender implement itself over the Earth.   Man will not stop being male in the noblest sense of the word, but in this coming cycle he will discover himself in a new and much more glorious expression as sentient teacher and master.

Meanwhile and progressively, the process of feminine consciousness will emit a cohesive substance-quality-force that represents the webbing of the Mother of the World.  In her bosom we are all birthed.

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  1. Karin Hall

    Very inspiring and How true I feel it to be! I just came home from an esoteric retreat and this fits right into it. I love to learn more about this feminine ray and the way we as women and humanity is moving forward.
    Thank you!

    1. theinnerwoman

      We ase creating a movement throughout Latinamerica and working with coordinators through Skype. If you are interested in forming, or already have a group that would like to follow a program such as ours, please contact me at facebook or at my personal email. We can start one in any part of the world, and also in English. Other than the purchase of the book there is no cost. We feel it is really important women discover what this is and how we can positively influence the world or the future. xxx ZR

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