THE FEMININE PATH Series on Feminine Mysteries, Part I

For the first time in five thousand years, we are entering into a great feminine cycle that will last another five thousand years. Our time is one of darkness and confusion that resembles the complexity of woman herself. As within her, development in these times is not logical or formal. It consists in mastery of the unknowable Primordial Chaos. A woman is physically and psychically structured to become an adept in the management of the ebb and flow of creation, a nexus of forces that she lives daily.

The ravages of time and the physical transformation of our Earth erased the impressions of the Feminine Path from previous cycles. In deep attunement, it is up to women today to intuit the possibilities that, rather than mimic the masculine cycle, will transform her, her concept of herself, society, and the world radically.

Before, and as a result of the needs of a male cycle, a woman learned about her own nature in temples with her elders, keeping to the tradition of a “veiled” Isis. Today those veils have fallen and the Shekinah (feminine aspect of kundalini) manifests in all its aspects. Each woman IS Isis and embodies her mysteries. She is never “veiled” to herself.

Woman finds herself in the process of unfolding her powers as mistress of the dark, the firmament, the emptiness from which all arises. At the same time, she rises towards the mastery of solar attributes. Through the awareness of her own mystery and the management of occult forces, woman is able to construct a cohesive bridge between social and inner life, between the external and that which is emerging from within her. She knows that Life IS the path, that she is its triggering energy, and the initiator.

Nevertheless, in the personality this creates a state of confusion and anxiety. She does not know how to express or integrate it in her life.

The process is the following. The call from inner depths begins with a kind of urgency that tugs away at her feelings. Soon it turns into a distinct force, an attraction towards the impossible, the illogical and the difficult. Nothing is enough. It disorganizes her daily life. She become demanding and can no longer bear to be a reflection of another, or to follow established social patterns. The profusion of techniques and processes that compiles her obligations literally feels like a corset she is no longer willing to wear. It is not just a question of social rebelliousness.

As we dive deeper within ourselves, we recognize the critical distinction between our duties towards others and the greater commitment to Self, a reality that transcends our personal dreams and worldly objectives, whilst speaking of occult and vast possibilities. We respond to the pressure that leads us forward, a kind of dissatisfaction combined with a challenging certainly within that tells us there is more to life. In this moment, self-observation becomes natural, joined to an understanding and a genuine feeling of neutrality. We incorporate, as yet blindly, the type of justice that prevailed in those feminine cycles we do not quite remember. We hear the echo of the Law of Ma’at, a feminine goddess whose mere name transmitted truth, justice, balance and order.

A heightened spirit of discrimination emerges, the ability to distinguish truth from falsity, reality from appearance. We walk the tightrope to suddenly attain balance between thought and feeling. We develop our brand of Consciousness and distinguish it from the thousands of laws, obligations, judgments, prejudices, and instructions handed down to us. Painfully, we learn to handle our emotions without destroying them, to gather that force as true power. Relationships force us to make our way from obligation to daring, through challenge, and finally to creation. We recreate ourselves. Now there is no turning back.

In the feminine mystery schools it is never about what is done or what is attained. For a woman it is about embracing the illogical that she embodies. It is about the management of self and of the worlds that she, as a woman, contains. As a master of the formless, a woman is able to discover the laws of Nature and of the Human. She finally receives the revelation of The Law – that which draws it all together, what some of us call Love and others Truth. At this moment she integrates within daily life.

Woman awakens to the tremendous power that she holds, a birthing force, a cohesiveness and creativity that she possesses in alliance with higher intelligence, reached in inner worlds and multiple dimensions. The physical world is only the tip of the iceberg, but it is the main training ground. Beyond the visible she intuits cosmic intimacy and the genuine femininity that the conscious woman embodies.

All relationships acquire a new perspective. The relationship of a woman with a man was never for self-gratification but rather for inner awakening and companionship in total equality and difference. Now is the moment to retake the pulse in feminine initiatic schools that will reawaken higher faculties in women and, like the thread of Ariadne in Greek mythology, will conduce them through the labyrinth of life and femininity.

The woman of today does not follow the path of her own mystery because she does not know it. She has lacked the knowledge, the initiative and most importantly, the correct intelligent support and understanding that might guide her. She now longs to be and express the infinite that defines her, re-emerging from her own primeval depths and donating her unique wisdom, the kind that opens ways, inspires, and recreates the textures of the world. She who is the magnetism of the Moon and who gradually and majestically arrives to solar fullness.


Originally published 2 July 2014.



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