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“From the very first moments in our group experience, I discovered what it means to be a woman in my body.  It was tangible.  I could feel and touch memories and sensations inside, the power to create and recreate that is the very nature of womanhood. To be able to unveil internal and external worlds that are integral parts of our bodies, minds and feelings gave me an amazing sense of the amplitude of existence.  At that moment, I was reconstructing my own base, my ground, all that sustains my existence, and how I participate in it.

Then came the second experience, which helped me assimilate my position as a mother, friend, lover and daughter.  How expansive this is! To learn how to collect my energies and then extend them to all that is around me. To touch with my essence, in the right measure and at the right time, all without losing my center, without losing myself.  I understood how power and service complement one another.  Humility and conspiracy, between creator and creation, in one perfect dance, without missing one beat.  We are all immersed in the matrix that feeds us and at the same time consumes us. To find my center as an active presence was an amazing gift.

All was made even clearer in the third experience, understanding and feeling from my uterus, my internal organs, what it really means to be in a woman’s body and what it is to make use of my body as such.  Intensity and softness working always together in all I do, say, think or see. The sense of humility and service that always accompanies the power to create and sustain the worlds inside and outside me.

I could never imagine that in such a short period of time I would discover so much about myself and the worlds of divine creations. I know I have just touched the ” tip of the iceberg”, but the fact that I have discovered all of it inside me, makes me today, a more complete woman.”

M. (Brazil-USA)

“Wonderful journey of inner discovery, much more than I expected.  An experience that has clearly marked a before and an after in my life.  Thank you all.  As time goes by I become aware of the depth of what we lived.  I heard of it by accident through Zulma’s Timeline (facebook) and it has possibly been the most inspiring retreat-workshop.  I maintain and feel the changes every day.”

A. (Valencia)

Zzz WG1 (Low Res)“The work has surpassed all my expectations. I never thought I could go so deeply into my emotions, feelings, thoughts and love, especially with the company of other women. It opened my heart and my senses. I felt protected in myself. To share this intense experience with women from such different parts and cultures of the world provided a nest of safety and also power.”

B. (Switzerland)

“I vividly remember those intense days of the retreat. I appreciate all the work and intensity that were there, all the sensibility and the collaboration you showed every moment.

It was a delight to be able to enter and enjoy our depth and navigate inside it together with all the women.  All together!  Separate but accompanied.

They were days of great revelation for me.”

M. (Barcelona)

“The retreat was extraordinary for me. I felt very close to all in the group of women and I also felt very free. I came back full of energy and with lots of ideas and plans to bring my life closer of what I feel as woman.  Now I know I can do it, because I have the support of this group.  I recommend the retreat to every woman who would like to know herself better, feel alive again, and heal her soul and her body, to join us.”

I. (Madrid)

“I read and review my notes, I see and review the photos and I am not capable of assimilating all that I lived; not until I close my eyes, do my alignment and a whirlwind of visions and sensations makes me feel “truth” in each cell of my Being.  Grateful for your hearts.  Life here and now flows nicely; always present so as not to become lost in emotions.

Those who love me here say that I am another; I tell them that I am real.

Love to each of you.”

O. (Mexico)

“I would like to share so much that I don’t know if I will be able to express it all, although there is no hurry and I am aware that I am never alone or without being heard.  I love it.

Yesterday, the first day after the retreat, I felt very, very tired but I decided to go to a movement class anyway.  Thanks to the five-day retreat I “understood” the movement work I have been doing for almost four years.  It gave me a wide berth: spirituality was integrated to body awareness and now there is more consciousness of the work.

Today, I picked up the notebook and began to write everything that came up: the vulnerability and, above all, humility.  Impotence has made me recognize that I am not so powerful as to change life, nor anybody’s rhythm; when I suffer so much, maybe I should lower my head to accept the human condition of fragility which is also there, which I also am…

After many months, yesterday and today I have not cried.  I feel the deep pain has receded.”

A. (Barcelona)

“Synthesis of the return of a journey towards the heart of the feminine: gratitude.  Apprenticeship is alive in my body.  Respect is always a good base, to be appreciated and recognized is good, to be supported even better.  But, there is nothing like being loved.”

M. (Brazil-Argentina)

544334_4598273314427_1345031141_n“I have just returned home. What an adventure it has been!  Sharing with my family now, was something spectacular, without judgments, without fear, just loving, being compassionate, affectionate and not condescending.  I very much enjoyed this new way of opening and loving, this “Magdalene” as a present state.  Arriving at my own home finally, I met with partner at a greater depth.  We came closer after having been apart and we recognized, each individually, that it was spectacular.  I find myself very different, so real.  I like this new way of connecting to myself, and being led by myself.

Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for the trust and for the support always.”

V. (Mexico)

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  1. Sona Sedlackova

    I would like to start to learn with Zulma Reyo… I feel is my time – please for any answer. I get teacher for 8 year his name is Nick Demitry (also Daskalos student). But i feel is time to move and learn to be women and Nick prepare me to continue with Zulma… Please please for any answer. I would like to come to Malorca or other place where i can meet her and learn. many thankx Sona from Slovakia

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