Planet of Women

PLANET OF WOMEN"O Mundo de Gaya"

As of 31 October of 2012 there were 7 billion persons on the planet.  This creates innumerable problems in a society that is suffering from shortages of every sort as a result of political, religious, agricultural, economic, and natural disasters.  An important statistic to bear in mind is that as a consequence of increased wealth and health, people now – especially women – live considerably longer.

Demographic studies of the human sex ratio show that the normal world birth rate remains at an average of 101 males to 100 females.  However, under normal conditions upon reaching adulthood the women population always exceeds the men.  The death rate for developing boys is higher. Including a weaker organic constitution in early childhood, adult males are subject to a greater number of homicides, warfare, heart attacks, strokes, and even accidents.  This upsets the ratio in favour of women.

The bitter truth staring at us in the face in just another decade and a half is that there will be many more women than men.  From the time when the hormones start acting up and up to the age limit for procreation, the proportion of women to men is likely to double.

Women are not ready for this.  The underlying reality concerning the immediate future is a shocking contrast to expectations. Women are not likely to have the perfect husband, children, house in the country and dog to go with it.  They will not find an authority or a protector, or even someone to struggle against.  They will face other women.  If any of us remember high school, we know what a world run only by women might be like.  We don’t want it.

How then to resolve the problems that a planet of predominantly females will present?

A woman must fend for herself intelligently, nicely, grumblingly, or putting up a fight.  She is being forced to change the bases of her psychological edifice.  She is being led to reformulate herself according to her authentic nature.  There are no parameters to emulate.

THIS is what we need to be talking about.

As women, ordinary women in the supermarket, liberated women, emancipated women, captive women, fearful and suppressed women, spiritual women… American, European, Asiatic, African, Latino, Indonesian, Middle Eastern women, mixed race women… where are we in our heads?  What is going on in women’s minds?  It cannot all be focussed and dependent on the external treatment received!  Bodies may be bound and even mutilated, and movement restricted, but what about the spirit within?  It is as strong as ever.

I hear so much pity-talk about Indian and Islamic women, as well as African women but my own experience of them in their milieu is that they are formidable forces among themselves.  The clan spirit in these societies is tremendous.  Men would not be able to do half of what they do without this foundation. Imagine what it would be like if it were a conscious and deliberate force.  Without lifting a finger, the energy fields would start altering everything.  Instead, women are taught and pitied, and reinforced to worry about men, motherhood, and survival because this is what everyone supports.  There is more to women.

Concretely now, what are women doing with themselves, with their thoughts and feelings, their dreams and aspirations?

Do we wish to continue competing in subtle ways with the men, or with the status quo (which is the same thing), believing that what we think they have is what we want?   Our fighting, arguing, struggling, resistance, and insistence that we be given our rightful place and choices in society are simply other forms of competition.  Our goals may be right but the means are wholly inappropriate to our nature and potential.   We would do well to become aware once and for all, of who and what we are.

When will women awaken to what they are?  When will those of us who can, begin to be ourselves and exert the kind of inner pull that life itself, as women everywhere, will respond to?

This means using our faculties and energies creatively, instead of manipulatively.  This entails directing our power towards what is, and what is possible.  This suggests maturing into what we have been requesting all along: full membership in the society of humankind.

Nobody will give us that permission, or allow anything.  Our force as world women is formidable but we do not yet apply it because we are not united at the core.  The kind of union I am speaking about is essentially emotional; it is prior to action, and supportive of it.  We have achieved much during the past century in the nature of civil rights and liberties worldwide and there is still much to be achieved.  This can only be done if the core of belief is washed clean of interpretative filters.  We don’t just want to achieve things, we want to reach the consciousness that allows us to know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that it is our right to choose and make happen.

Countering the brute force that has subjugated us is an insufficient, ineffectual way of changing things, but the diplomatic means that pretend to redress that, are just as useless.  The alternative now is the joined forces of women’s power as feeling and knowing, focussed on a unitary purpose.   The educated world may scoff at this proposition, but the time is fast approaching when women will not respond to the implied ridicule but instead feel, understand and act upon the power of Being.

The power of Being that woman has by nature of gender, is the foundation of everything possible.  It is the principle, the nexus of faith, the force that has erected and maintained religions through the centuries.  Without constructing one, we need to re-define the religion of the feminine as a way of life.

When we are right, knowthat we are right, and we stand united, there is no brute force that can stop us. If we have the courage to believe in the force that has kept us strong through millennia, we will produce changes.  Constituting a planet of women in the near future may not be a bad thing.  It will bring balance and sanctity back into the treatment, understanding and management of life.

Let us act, certainly.  Let us continue everything we have been doing and more, but please let us change the attitudes, beliefs, and dreams that only make us fuzzy and ineffectual, or hard and insensitive.  Above all let us focus on the nature of our real power.


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