Our Secret from the Men

Do you not know I see it all,
I feel it all…
I know it all?
Yet you reveal me to myself.

I know how to appear and simulate.
I know how to arrange and to display
so that you may be who you wish to be
in innocence and trust.

Under the powerful man,
you are the one I must protect
from me and from yourself.
Equal parts of tenderness, passion and fear arise in me.

It is all a very serious game,
where lives and love and fields of force are set.
I hold the keys
and you will never know where I am going.

I who am Love, learn to love through you.
Life compels me to look around and feel and to remember
what I would never grasp,
if it were not for you.

You shape me and place me in contexts
that cannot contain my emptiness,
evoking awareness of cycles
and rhythms hidden inside.

You see me in ways that please your creativity
and through them I discover possibility,
the richness of delving, deeply,
into a feeling world that moves us both.

You do not always bring pleasure,
nor the security I crave.
But, the confidence your contours offer me
bestows a sweet illusion of safety and repose.

“Complicated” is your word for the inner world I live
and I do not understand.
Oscillation is the constant factor of my being,
my breath, my joy and playfulness.

You create me and compare me with yourself,
then challenge me, discard, and overwhelm me…
In truth, I am the means through which
you learn to form yourself.

Endlessness is simple for me,
led by a greater life than mine.
I am never formed and ever fluid.
I know you as you do not know yourself.

You are all that I am not.
I slide and weave to fit into your meanings.
And where none matter,
I believe it does because of you.

An inner wisdom that escapes me
and the danger you provoke,
commands me to return to you
and look once more.

Destined to hope
I yield and master feelings.
It is the spirit of forgiveness that
breathes eternity in me.

You ask of me to calm you.
Don’t you know there is a whirlpool
of continuous yearning
that rages inside of me?

It is the motion of who and what I am
that flows through you,
transforming you.
Can’t you see I only soothe you from yourself?

You ask sweetness, lightness,
tenderness from me,
oblivious to the depth of pain I carry,
there where you find relief.

You look for inspiration in my void
where unformed possibilities unfold.
I am the challenge that draws your inspiration
and opens your tender heart.

You crave the stimulation of my living chaos.
Then, in your urge to ride and master it,
you generate the very force that strengthens you
to rise and to construct our common world.

You seek for satisfaction through my form.
Like the tempests and rivers of the planet,
you swirl and rush through me. And so,
my body weaves in myriad ways to comfort you.

“Seduction” is the term you use for me
when I caress your hungry soul.
“Satiety” is your experience
of the moments I live forever in eternity.

You find recognition in my silences,
in the mystery that I enfold.
In truth I hold a mirror out to you.
Do you not see I see it all, I feel it all?

You are that which holds the space
for me to grow and glow and to rejoice.
I who am everything,
discover everything through you!

Without the darkness that I am,
you would not shine as stars.
Without the light you shed on me,
I would not know myself.

Love is the condition that neither of us can escape.

22 June 2011

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