Open Letter to Woman

Dear Woman,initiation

I hope you will feel that this letter comes from a space that calls as much to your intelligence as to your heart.  In fact, it is an appeal to an unprecedented kind of work that is wholly feminine, not just in words but also in quality.  I am contacting women from all parts of the world who know that they can be and do more for the world, women who yearn to live without veils, but also without strategies.

We are tired of groups and training programs whose aim is to learn skills and more “doing”.  We are hungry for inner support, understanding, intimacy and genuine respect for who we are, rather than what we do!  The recognition we crave can only come through experience within a depth that often frightens us, but that is, none the less, an essential part of our nature.

Before going any further, I must tell you about what this work is NOT: It is not the equivalent to a “women’s circle”; it is not about spells or incantations; it is not against relationships or men in any way.  It is not about “doing” anything at all. It is not informational.  A woman is not the contents of her mind, she is not the way she appears, or what she elicits in another.

This work IS about reaching your inner core and finding safety and wisdom there that will sustain you, guide you, and allow you to be a source of illumination and joy to those around you.  It provides the space that nothing, no one, and nowhere else provides, among women in the kind of silence we access as ancient priestesses.  A modern woman does not know herself.   She is not the content of her mind or the way she appears.  A woman responds to a unique structure.  She is built to function in a certain way that is not determined from the outside.

The work that needs to be done with women cannot happen at a distance, through words.  Particularly where women are concerned, there must be direct contact and personal experience. This is the way we, as women, work.  This is why I have felt deeply moved to create the retreat training-program I describe below.

Long ago, women learned about themselves with other women.  More than the tales told, faculties and powers were given through transmission and alignment.  Today this doesn’t exist.  I am building such a group. I share with women what I have learned and taught for decades, now focussed on women’s unique structure.  It leads to gaining a first hand experience on the nature of feminine perception and the scope of our influence.  Your influence and your abilities.

The work is deeply transformational, not merely remedial.  It is for the woman who is ready to risk everything to find herself.  It is about modern Persephone.  It is about the woman Initiate in today’s world.

My book, “The Inner Woman” (available through Amazon) speaks women’s language of intimacy. My blog covers huge areas of vastly different scope, all related to the change in paradigms and woman’s quality.  Both can give you insight as to the nature of the retreats.  Especially for you, however, I have grouped some already published articles with new ones in the e-book series “The Feminine Solution”.  If you want a quick and unmitigated view of the some of the undercurrents shaping our reality as women today, this is where you may find them.  They are available right here through the blog.

The next “Feminine Mysteries” retreat is posted on the blog under “Events”.  Hope very much to see you there!


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