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The world values what a woman has achieved, what she does and how she does it, but it does not yet understand the power of mystery she represents.  A woman may do, appear, behave and realize the same goals as men; she may be free to express herself, but she is not free to delight in confident acceptance of her unique difference, her special power.

The value that is given to women is limited to her achievements.  We honor a mighty long list of courageous, innovative women who have preceded us.  We would do well to also celebrate what is yet to be attained: the recognition of what a woman is and what she brings to life.

In our materialistic world it is inevitable that people are prized for their executive capacity and for what they have attainment in their personal as well as professional life.  Small things remain unnoticed.  Beyond the sexual-maternal social image that a woman represents, she exerts a subtle, inexorable influence over the world, everywhere she goes, whatever she […]

Emptiness Reveals


Woman is the sacred hollowness that contains the All.  Emptiness.  This is difficult to live with and even more difficult to understand.  Her entire life is spent trying to define herself and relating to others through the reflexion they hold of her.

Woman is a yearning, the aspiration that represents breath, flow, the tides and cycles of becoming.  Her non-definition embraces life like foam does the sands of the shore.  She is movement without form, a river without banks, the empty hollow nexus of the cauldron.  It is in her nature to yield and in yielding believe momentarily that she is what she contains.

What is the container without that which it contains?  Continuous striving to discover what cannot be seen, believing momentarily that it is powerful and strong.  Ascribing to itself the nature of that which it contains.

What is an ocean without boundaries?   Endless expansion and longing.  What is the opening without the space that it contains?  Expectant void waiting to become.

Woman is the watercourse way, passageway beyond time, undifferentiated equality through the changing faces of creation, the yielding principle […]

Celebrate Women

Celebrate Women

Women everywhere are valued for their achievements.  Today we honour a mighty long list of courageous, innovative women who have preceded us. In this spirit we celebrate not only what we have attained, but we celebrate what is yet to be attained: the recognition of what we are.

In our materialistic world it is inevitable that people are valued for what they do or how they appear.  Seldom is importance granted to woman’s real value, that intrinsically subtle influence that she is, such as “being there” for others, giving others that force and space that enables them to realise themselves.  She knows how to “be there” so that you can be yourself.  What she doesn’t yet know is that the world – in every sense – would not exist without her.

In spite of the objections from worldly women who have risen to the top of their specialties, the way of success in the material world where execution and appearances count for so much, is not enough for us.  There is a huge gaping, painful space inside: a woman doesn’t know […]

Woman Barriers


Yes, of course we are One, but we are also very different in the way we express and manifest that oneness.  For all apparent solidarity, women too often hold a bleak distance from one another, imposing a barrier that makes all effort at transformation that much more difficult.  When we meet it is barely beyond the surface. We put on a friendly face and serve ourselves of readymade emotional masks.  All is never what it seems and women the world over in all cultures and walks of life know this all too well.

Mallorca is a unique cultural meeting place.  It offers an excellent training ground for world relations.  It also present an arduous challenge if one wants to tell things as they are.  Here as everywhere throughout my travelling life, each time I switch languages or countries, I am overshadowed by a different gestalt.  At each shift my voice and gestures change, as does the angle of ideas and often the level of communication. If I want to be heard, my thoughts need to be dressed in alternate ways […]

Dignified Defiance


Wild Pregnant Mares

We feel badly and even guilty for the sexual violence done to women in Africa, for the poverty and exploitation of women in India, for the plight of the Muslim woman who has to cover herself up as if in shame for being a woman.  As Western women we do this from the vantage point of our presumed superiority, our own comfort, our own self-righteousness, without acknowledging how our complacency feeds into the whole.  We presume that liberty is defined by external display and whimsical frivolities, and we direct our energies to fitful tantrums of one kind or another.  There are no parallels with the spirit that moves the women we pity.  We are largely incapable of sharing in the inner wisdom that arises from them.

We feel sorry for the traditions of so-called primitive cultures without understanding them.  Without respecting them.  We cannot understand the need for women to be among women to feel nurtured and understood.  Instead we side with men and with the needs of the mythical couple.  In our actions and constant preoccupation, […]

Planet of Women


As of 31 October of 2012 there were 7 billion persons on the planet.  This creates innumerable problems in a society that is suffering from shortages of every sort as a result of political, religious, agricultural, economic, and natural disasters.  An important statistic to bear in mind is that as a consequence of increased wealth and health, people now – especially women – live considerably longer.

Demographic studies of the human sex ratio show that the normal world birth rate remains at an average of 101 males to 100 females.  However, under normal conditions upon reaching adulthood the women population always exceeds the men.  The death rate for developing boys is higher. Including a weaker organic constitution in early childhood, adult males are subject to a greater number of homicides, warfare, heart attacks, strokes, and even accidents.  This upsets the ratio in favour of women.

The bitter truth staring at us in the face in just another decade and a half is that there will be many more women than men.  From the time when the hormones start acting up […]


Daniel Riera photography


Many women today don’t have a problem with being alone, or even being without sex. But there is an important number of women who cannot be alone. They feel compelled to seek relationships of any sort so as not to experience what for them are the terrors of privation, insufficiency, and lack of purpose. This is a lot more common than we would like to admit.

There are many of us who know that we are enough unto ourselves. We may even be in relationship, but the priority is the integrity of oneself. Still, even when awakened, there lurks a shadow in every woman’s mind. In this century women may no longer be deliberately dismissed, invalidated, discarded, disentitled or disabled, but the planetary computer is still plugged into that system. Nobody erased it.

We continue to be disabled in the sweetest ways by men we love and who love us, by a system that pretends to safeguard and protect us, by a spirituality that subtly imposes an approach that is not our own… in many, many little ways that […]

Breaking Ground


To introduce and then establish the Feminine Principle in the structure of our world demands taking risks that people in power are not willing to take.  It calls for a lot more than well-meaning rhetoric about feminine attributes.  It requires living these attributes and exploring them through to the end, entailing validating the experience of feeling-sensitivity and its formidable power to influence and hold ground.

There are few if any feminine precedents to follow, none of them clear or appropriate.  Matriarchal societies pertain to another era, a more tribal phase of development when humanity was not as developed globally.  Atlantean, Lemurian, and pre-dynastic Egyptian societies upheld a kind of equality, localised in places during certain periods of time.  The record of this is difficult to decode and it is unlikely that it be accepted by the rational consensus.  We not only constitute a different cultural model now, we actually think and feel differently.

The example of the Amazons is exciting, appealing to the aggressive instincts of a modern psyche.  Their model advocated “separate but equal” rights and functions for women and […]

Being and The Mother Cell


In Spanish, a stem cell is called a “célula Madre”, meaning “Mother Cell”.

The consciousness of the Inner Woman is like that of a Mother Cell over her molecular surroundings.  She repairs and reconstructs, regenerates and renews.

A Mother Cell, guardian of the original pattern of atomic life, maintains impeccable silence until it is activated by discord.  It then reminds an unwell body the vibratory rhythm of its original pattern of perfection.  It catalyses.  It produces a number of possibilities of itself.  In this way Nature works in silent harmony, reproducing and dividing itself without losing its integrity.  Through the law of synchrony, everything responds to its pattern and manifests accordingly.  This reminds us of the state of Being of a person who, in his or her pure form transmits harmony to its body, its world, and its creations.

The human heart works in similar manner.  According to investigations, heart neurons work independently from the rest of the body.  The heart sustains and renews life and furnishes warmth for human feeling.  It is the subtle connection with all sensible life and […]

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