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I am woman, the live coal at the bottom of the sea.  My breath awakens hunger and the thirst of humanity for a God that reaches all, and being thus devours and transforms everything.  I am as coveted as I am feared.

I will never be able to reveal the fullness of myself, which is why you cannot know me.  My pain and anger, the incongruences of my personality are but reflections of a fathomless inner ocean.  As a man you tend to relate in segments, cutting life up into portions and artificially classifying it in order to feel comfortable and in control of what you cannot understand.  If you could walk on hot embers, would you survive the bottom of the sea… to know me, feel me within, as Totality? Can you perhaps swim well enough to not drown in the maelstrom of my depths?

I am here to remind you through flesh and feelings that that which you search for in the heights and which you relegate to an unreachable space in sterile quietude, lives here and now […]


THE FEMININE IMPERATIVE: Cornerstone for Global Change

Climate changes, gender issues, slavery, and animal rights are discussed at great length while business goes on as usual. Do we rely any less on oil and toxic chemicals? Do women respect themselves for who and what they are, rather than what they do? Does trafficking of people diminish, and individual women, men, and children acquire more importance than expected performance? Does the exploitation of species, and more precisely subtle forms of domestic animal abuse cease? And most of all, do we consider how our personal lives include power plays, forms of torture, and negotiation bordering on cheap barter and extorted privilege? We lie and cheat one another and ourselves every second of our waking life while paying lip service to imagined ethics.

Something is wrong when questioning is prized over living the question and we content ourselves with theoretical probes and exceptions. Intelligent issues are not always coherent with the quality of the lives of those who phrase them. What might be looms larger than what is. And numbers, statistics, titles, charts…persistently replace the […]



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“ALCHEMY … implies structural acceleration

“INNER … defines a discriminating subjectivity “

Inner Alchemy creates a bridge between the worlds of matter and subtlety based on intelligence and sensitivity that leads to knowledge and wisdom. It fosters self-mastery that reinforces creativity to impact every moment and build a better future.

Man and woman, we discover the power that catalyzes our world in order to recognize and influence reality at multiple levels.

For men, Inner Alchemy teaches conscious multidimensional management and construction of form, as well as expansion of Consciousness.

For women, it reveals her own affinities with creation, from the experience of deepest intimacy that engenders and develops life, to the evolution of the race.

MYSTERY: the spontaneous inexplicable dynamic of Creation

FEMININE: the unique subtle instrument of women’s structure


The formula for women

Who then, better than a woman, instrument of life, to deeply influence the future of human life?

Who better than a woman, instrument of life,

to profoundly and decisively influence the future of humanity?

Inner […]



“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet… Romeo, doff thy name, and for that name which is no part of thee, take all myself.” (William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”)

Woman is one with Nature.  As a force, she controls without intending to; she follows without submitting.  She embodies the spirit of cooperation, not because she reasons it out but because her nature embraces the whole.

Can anything be greater than the miracle and vastness of Creation?  At her core a woman is the totality of the life forces that engender creation, but it seems that this is not enough.  Unawares, a woman persistently defines herself, chooses to be defined, and sets out to fulfil the expectations of others.  What does it take to see that her opinions of herself are controlled by others, and by a patriarchal model of the past?

To answer the proverbial question, “who am I?” instead of becoming aware of ourselves feeling, we look to references, precedent, opinions and expectations with the hope that others […]




My own mother was devoted to me all her life, even if she was an attractive impeccable professional woman who spent most of the time outside of the home. Her one desire was for me to have everything that she did not. She succeeded. I received the best education, health care, luxurious homes, world travel… However, family life and emotional security was another matter. She bequeathed me her inner fears together with her tenacity, desire for adventure, and her American Dream. I didn’t know, or rather I should say my body didn’t know what it was to be protected and embraced, or truly valued for who I am rather than what I do. I knew all about appearance and fashion and social graces but I lacked the inner experience of being a woman, of feminine power in a feminine world.

In my late twenties and half way around the world in India, when I met a guru who would influence my life for almost two decades, one of the first things […]



 “Nobody minds if a woman is a good writer, sculptor, or expert in genetics, as long as she is also a good wife, a good mother, attractive, is always in a good mood, well dressed, made up, and never complains.” Marya Mannes

Many of us can afford the luxury of longing for independence, individuality, and authenticity now. However, in many parts of the planet, we still struggle fiercely for freedom of expression, equality, religious tolerance, and other ways of expressing ourselves. Even in countries that promote and defend civil rights, matters of Consciousness are entirely subjected to appearances. An individual believes itself free if it has goods and privileges, and can “do” what it wants in the illusory privacy of home. Inwardly, the same beliefs and habitual patterns of thinking and feeling of the middle ages still reign, and an inexplicable dissatisfaction brews.

We might ask ourselves, what is it that women want if we already vote and have access to the same professions and civil rights as men do? Is this a female matter?

It […]

A Dangerous Proposal



The Feminine Mystery School is training-in-Being for our time, where woman must speak out and be counted.  It is not a social club or a religious institution. 

If you are afraid to be different or attract attention…

If you think a relationship, money, academic credentials, or techniques alone will improve your lot or that of any woman in the world… If you hold secrets… If you like some people and dislike others… If you feel that someone is to blame for the way things are…

This group will not offer solutions.

If you feel that you are “spiritual”… If you look for beauty, truth, purity and love and cannot find it around you… If meditation is a way of avoiding the drudgery of the world… If you are defensive, angry, look for pity or consolation because you have been disrespected as a woman…

You will not find satisfaction among us.

If you feel afraid, weak, incapable, or you need to be needed… If you seek approval, cannot bear to be alone, or don’t know what to do… If […]



Enlightened woman has always remained silent.  The reason is simple: her feminine nature is non-verbal.  Her evolution and expansion of Consciousness is illogical, supra rational and nuclear.

Amma, Mother Meera and so many evolved women wordlessly transmit an irradiation that catalyzes an internal energetic and planetary activity.  It is no more and no less important than the function that man exerts; it is different.

Women today are no longer silent.  We know how to handle ideas and concepts of varied abstractions.  We can be logical and rational.  We fulfill the same roles as men.  It is time to speak clearly about what a woman’s path consists of and how her constitution affects human behavior, changes structures, and develops unprecedented systems.  The “new”, the upcoming, is Feminine and “feminine” is cellular.

When I lived in India for over a decade, I was told that a woman does not have a “kundalini”; she IS Kundalini.  It took a while to understand what that meant.  I also heard that there are two spiritual paths for humanity.  One is called “Netti-netti”, the ascetic path.  The other […]

Woman and Power



However reasonable people might think they are, people do not really listen to reason. Undercurrents of emotional and subtle reality cloud perception. This is so for both genders, but more so for women who find it hard to fully feel and be themselves.

Women are not aware of their power and acquire a form of power through forms of powerlessness.

Why is woman not herself? Why is the feminine spirit repressed even partially, and with it the foundation of the sacred?

It is not enough to say that men are afraid of the strong irrational force represented by women. Women themselves are afraid of it. Woman must make a tremendous effort to impress the world reasonably. In this respect, two very important characteristics related to woman’s constitution come into play. Both have to do with her feeling nature and her automatic responses to life.

First. Woman’s sensibility is such that it is often hard to bear. We are almost always seeking relief from it. This is difficult for men to understand, even the most sensitive. Women are susceptible to the subtlest of […]

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