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A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part III (Final)

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A CALL TO EXECUTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN– Part III  (originally published 2013)

What usually stops a woman from discovering and then attaining to her fullness is her often-unintentional emotional involvement with her surrounding world.  This characteristic defines her difficulty as well as her inimitable strength in the energy-world ruled by sensitivity as a tool, richer and more accurate than intuition.

Nobody has the right to dictate what you are, what you wish, or to impose the direction of your life. You determine this yourself, based on a clear perception of causes, and the probable effects that you set into motion. This implies the conscious and deliberate knowledge and management of your own energies, as the prerequisite for the management of your world.

Self mastery doesn’t happen through nice behaviour; it requires hard work in going against the tide.  It consists in clearing up all that is not real in your world, the beliefs, the illusions, the superficial, the obsession with purely cutaneous sensations, and the addiction to the intensity of false emotions.  It requires effort […]

A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part II

originally published in 2013

The experience of a great number of professional women tells them that there is ceiling, a limit imposed that is both transparent and tangible, like glass. Restrained by the schema of the current male cycle, they feel unable to be themselves and free, and sense an overwhelming need to break through. The permission now granted by the ruling powers to “approve” of women in executive positions and to implement what in their view are “feminine” work ethics, only reinforces the old regime that regulates women according to one fixed pattern, mens’.  The only way out, apparently, is to push against the current with the same aggressive force used by the opposition.  It is a tug of war that only depletes women and leads nowhere.

Science tells us that only a superior force can win over another.  The difference must be one of quality and intensity.  Women have it but don’t recognize it.  At the moment, they are shadowboxing with their own phantoms, an accrued emotional warehouse of feminine frustration down the ages.  When we confront a belief, as […]

A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part I

Do you want to manifest a different world, a world that, as a woman, you know is possible?

A woman leader today needs to be many things, including embodying the magic of the priestess.  This is why the professional woman needs to understand how spiritual precepts help her manage life and raise the level of efficiency as well as realisation and satisfaction.

Professional women who have conquered all odds to get to where they are as innovators and leaders of nations, the economy and corporations, are the greatest and most dynamic example of womanhood today.  They are also greatly misunderstood, even by themselves, paying a high price for the power they wield. Their management of strategy and positioning is admirable, equal to that of any man.  Accused of being too much like a man, in truth the devastating strength they exhibit is no less feminine; it is emblematic of the active, fiery side of woman. They bear a great burden and responsibility on firm shoulders and with a great heart.  These women see the inner dynamic of people, events and conditions.  They […]

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