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Neutrality comes from wholeness. It does not imply tolerance, effort, control or calculation. It is the state of human intelligence when not under the grip of ambition or outside control. The Neutral Mind is the true Intelligence of a human being embracing its humanity and its divinity. The posture releases a powerful force capable of transforming our world. ZR

Every serious student of Truth is faced with a great challenge: to acquire neutrality that starts with self. For this the person has to break with the habit of accepting face values and indulging in personalized thinking, radically altering the dynamic of understanding and managing data, and adopting a causal perspective of life dynamics. This requires a flexible mind that decodes perception separately from personal identity.

Usually we learn, understand and evaluate through a linear mind that manages isolated events and impresses them with fixed meanings. We analyze everything in this way. Except in rare instances, we do not employ holistic vision, which in our work we call the “Neutral” or the “Christ Mind.”

To access this mind, […]



Upon birth, social programming injects a secret virus upon every human. We might even say it is the unspoken challenge that drives a soul through life.

Disguised as aspiration for authenticity, it consistently denies the possibility of attaining it. No matter what part of the world we come from, what religion we profess, what cultural or economic level we work through, or what gender colors our perception, a human being grows up to assume that they deserve better. Trophies. Poor and rich alike, somewhere, sometime, a prize is forthcoming for all the sacrifices and privations we are forced to endure. Like a carrot perpetually dangling in front of the horizon, the disease is embedded in the attitude that we possess the right to future rewards, importance, status, approval and recognition.

From our parents and our family, our surroundings, and every step we take, we voluntarily submit to discomfort, humiliation, and a wide variety of abuses that obligate us to go against our nature. We resign ourselves to physical deformation, fat or thin, muscular or weak, in order to comply […]



(Dedicated to a special student)

Love is the cohesive force of Creation. It expresses in many different ways. To abandon ourselves the way we live attraction and attachment is also love and cohesion. But, not all forms of love and cohesion are spiritual. Even when we yearn for it, we cannot conjure love; somehow, it finds us all by itself. It responds to our availability. Surrender always opens the way for the grand experience of the abyss and participation in something greater than the self. Our voluntary offering and the saturation effect of sensation on multiple levels are both elements common to the process of loving, but this is where the analogies between love and falling in love end.

For both genders, love enters through our weak point: the physical body for men, emotions for women. As it grows in intensity, loving becomes ecstasy, fullness, and sensory perception expands, binding people in accelerating frequencies. For many this is more than enough. Life doesn’t seem to have a more important […]


The Path of Evolved Woman


A man’s window of perception is horizontal and abstract; a woman’s window of perception is vertical and holistic.

I was told long ago in India, that kundalini was a male phenomenon; women did not experience it.  It took me decades of observation before I could understand why.  As energy develops in intensity and subtlety in men, it systematically opens a passage along the spine that allows him the progressive experience of refined qualities of Consciousness, conditioned by the energy centres or chakras along the way.

There is a kind of helter-skelter progress that defines us women, that is very different from the orderly approach characteristic to men.  The shortest distance between two points for a woman is never a straight line.  Kundalini does not “rise” for us, it explodes and expands from all places of our body and aura at once.  

A woman is in a constant state of ignition and emanation but, because she is at the centre of it, she is unaware of the effect she produces.  Many levels of activity are triggered by her […]



Woman Holds the Key to Alchemy.

Whereas medieval alchemy seeks to transform lead into gold, divine alchemy elicits the refinement of matter by entering into affinity with Consciousness as light.

A woman performs Alchemy every time she gives birth, forgives, embraces differences, and every time she touches a human being with the warmth of her fire-light.

As confirmation of things unseen in the sublime terrain of sensitivity, Alchemy, like a woman who knows that form is the shadow of formlessness, is evocative of the primary order of the Universe.  Every operation that goes through the process of her love becomes transformed, uplifted and redeemed.

In the eyes of a woman, Truth stands revealed. 

To be in the moment requires no masks, intermediaries, filters, or conditions. Sensitivity is the jewel in the heart of a woman, for whom life, truth, and godliness, are immediate and direct.

A woman who treads the Path accepts the unknowable as the beginning and the end.

To understand a woman we must stop trying.

When a woman prays the skies opens.  When she cries the earth lies still.  Her […]



(In order to understand the concept of rays and cycles, we recommend the articles listed at the end)

Once soul level is attained, there are no gender differences.  The spiritual journey, however, is tread according to gender perspective and possibility.

Women and men arrive in different ways.  To reach our goal, we rely on special faculties and abilities that are a product of our physical and hormonal structure.  More than expression, which in our modern era may be identical, this refers to perception and to the type of affinity each has with life forms.  To attain to the fullness of Being, and with it the fullness of the soul, the spiritual path for women and men necessarily comprises different styles and stages.

Physical and mental dynamics have traditionally been the property of men.  They define a linear reality that is easy to understand as common consensus.  A man’s spiritual path has been defined and systemized to embrace different temperaments and ages, serving basically masculine elements.  Today as ever, woman shares the same world, but she lives immersed in multiple unseen sensibilities that […]

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