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The foundation of spirituality is meditation. What defines it?

The intent and the journey itself are the determining factors. Arriving at a special inner space where we feel full, authentic, centered, focused, clear and empowered requires that we allow ourselves to perceive beyond material and mental objectives. When we become aware of process rather than end result, the reality that reveals itself to us is expansive, deep, inclusive and highly satisfying. Whatever the style, the goal in meditation is the experience of a natural transcendence that awakens usually hidden aspects of life.

It is a common mistake to think that we “do” meditation. In truth, the only activity involved is whatever is necessary to shift our attention away from common distractions so that we perceive a much broader scenario. Meditation captures motion and impressions that occur beyond the threshold of ordinary senses. For the authentic meditator it includes daily life and all the in-betweens, particularly other dimensions of Consciousness. It involves the subtle world of sensitivities and experiences so characteristic of higher dimensional levels. In this sense, high philosophy and […]


ELEMENTALS I – Necessary and Useful Thought-Forms

 All thought-forms are composed of the elements, that is why we call them “elementals” and distinguish them from nature spirits. The elements in this case are earth, water, fire and air, ingredients that express themselves in the human being as physical force or vitality, emotional quality, willpower, and thought.

A thought is constructed though visualisation; human feeling or desire shapes it. We use subtle etheric representations of physical, emotional and mental energies and convert them into life forms. Spontaneously, we construct a thought-form when we want something and imagine it. This habit uses vitality that is colored by the emotions, lending density and volume to the thought by activating visual and kinetic (motion) energies.

Being composed of our own physical, emotional and mental substance, thought-forms are extensions of ourselves. Their quality is so fine that ordinary senses do not detect them, but they resonate within us, and come back to us with more of their own kind. Thus they add to the veil of multicolored invisible forces around […]



(Sensitivity in the City, Part Four: CONCLUSION)


Being sensitive is not just feeling intensively alive physically; it includes the entire mental and emotional range of subtle depths and observations. Perception acquires meaning only when the observer gives it a context. Too often the conclusions reached are much too personal. Authentic spiritual research begins where psychology is left behind.

In the life of a spiritual seeker, perception is a kind of subjective objectivity. It is “subjective” because it happens through the sensations of the body, mind and emotions at three levels: physical, subtle feeling, and mental insight. It is “objectivity” because the subject must know its personality sufficiently well to know when it is harboring a personal investment in order to avoid it.

Cognition is three-tiered; all must be weighed against the balance of intention, attention, and measure. The level of excitement is also to be watched; too much of it is liable to distort perception and subsequent interpretation. Work on the personality, like integrity, is basic to genuine research of spiritual phenomena.


At this point in […]

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