“Legacy: a soul´s journey”

Zulma Reyo’s most recent book after the publication in 2011 of “The Inner Woman”,

was launched worldwide on 30 May in Mallorca.

The Puertorrican writer acknowledged before the audience, “It wasn´t easy to make sense of the information that had been gathering inside of me for a long time.” As she says, we are dealing “with “a historical account of Earth, humanity, individual life, gender and above all, the teaching and spiritual transmission throughout the ages.”

In its pages, several historical characters are analyzed, women and men, in order to better understand the evolution of the human being to our days.  She says, “with the intention of helping us to understand where we come from and the origin of gender perspective.”  Reyo submerges the reading in an inquiry of the possibilities that woman has before her and her relationship with man, prompting us to glimpse how the role of woman will be essential and direct in the improvement of our common world.  A total experience in which the urge is to release the ballast of […]

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