My Life

The Setting


We are creatures of instinct, habit, spontaneity and creativity, in that order. Like a colony of bees or ants, we are led by an instinct that surpasses us. The sun and planets move us. Cultural trends shape us. Our social and economic status determines lifelong views, as do the values of our parents, sex, race and religion. Our educational system, friends, enemies, husbands, wives, and ultimately children influence our actions. Under such conditioning, what determines whether we follow the herd or express authenticity and independence? The infallible hermetic law that states, “like attracts like” has us being born at specific moments in history that colour our temperament and predict our inclinations.

I was born in 1943 in the midst of World War II. That year, Joseph Mengele became chief medical officer in Auschwitz and the Warsaw ghetto uprising ended. The Spanish Civil War was being fought, a coup d’état was taking place in Argentina, another in Bolivia, and Mexican riots arose in Central America. During the very same period of time that LSD became known, Chiang […]

My Message

The Task

These are troubled times. The more sensitive person seeks beauty, harmony, sweetness, softness. In one word “relief” from the strident tension and loud noise everywhere. Nobody truly wants to exert, strain, push or discipline themselves any more than what our stressful times require. This is why I warn people who come to me. With all the love I am capable of feeling and giving, the message I bring is not one that is easy to accept or to realize. I am a taskmaster.

I bring hope through effort. Where someone might seek toys, I suggest they give them away. Where another might seek company, I point them inwards and upwards to the subtle currents of luminous life. Looking for refuge I urge them on and outwards, to help others before resting themselves. Where they seek compensation in the after-life, I point to even more work in the here-now.

And yet there is no self-denial in my work. Just an opening of the eyes and a deepening of the senses. And the question, “what is really important?” The joy sensed at the […]

My World



I live in a world of Light and it is not imaginary.

All my life I have had to pretend to be like everyone else and for a long time thought that everyone else was actually doing the same. Although I chose not to say it, in my mind I kept a small margin of hope in this regard. It was just not possible to be so alone in this physical world. This was perhaps my first query to an Absolute Infinite Beingness, and it may also be my last: why do we appear so different and yet feel so much as One? Because of this, if I could have had one desire when I was growing up it was to be an ordinary human being. I so much wanted to enjoy and forget and lose myself like everybody else!

I incarnated into a family complex that allowed me the deepest, most human experience of aloneness as an only child in constantly new schools, new places, new demands. My parents were not the most stable specimens of parenthood and this was […]

My Life



If you take courage to feel me in your innermost heart

you will see that it is your own.

We know one another and will remember one another

in Eternity.

My life is an open book

with the sole purpose of showing you your reflection,

that you may honor and recognise yourself

in the reflection of the Beauty that you see around you.


Rather than reach up, I always had to reach down in the sense of focussing and inviting the natural world into my awareness. From childhood, the impressions of light and movement colored my sensitivity and I was often at odds with the “real world”. Couldn’t understand how a person could be something so beautiful and not know it.

All I ever wanted was to share this experience with others, which is why I went into teaching. Thanks to so many students I learned about myself and the magic of becoming. My life, and whatever I can offer you, are a tribute to all those whose love and trust constantly remind me of the privilege of teaching and learning.



What many of you don’t know about my […]

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