We don’t learn the things that we think we learn; we learn what we are, foremost as woman or man, and then, through the inner unfolding of gender we attain to innumerable achievements that only Spirit understands.  Beyond our worldly realizations however, gender leads us through an obstacle course of ordinary impulses into realization through a very defined path that in no way depends on the actions of the other gender.

Socially, culturally, physically, and professionally, conditions may be the same for a man as for a woman, yet inner faculties call forth the awakening of unique energetic characteristics that lie encoded within. This is yet another device that Life offers us to compel us to learn management of faculties in two different and parallel ways.  Our inner faculties as gender forces come with the package of karmic characteristics we chose. The path of women and men through life consists in pursuing different inner routes.

A woman’s journey begins with an honest evaluation of herself as a person and ends in embracing expansiveness.  She begins with the particular and the concrete, and […]

For the sake of clarity

For the Sake of Clarity:

For those who still believe that we all have something feminine and something masculine, including my own students.  Also for those who insist that we should not stress differences and concentrate instead on the spiritual:

Masculine and feminine are energetic qualities that stem from determined energetic configurations.  It is not just physical.  Masculine and feminine are three-dimensional expressions of planetary life and correspond to a physical evolutionary order (not Consciousness).

Separately and coincidentally they express three-dimensional life.  They are two models of possibility.  The fusion or union that occurs leads to perfecting their own experience and expression.  It is not for the purpose of losing themselves in one another, or dissolving themselves into the other, as is commonly held.

This we realize only now.  The fusion of the egg with the sperm is purely physical, but the coincidence of these forces transmits the energies of gender that gestate life.  The fullness attained by consciousness in the sexual act, on the other hand, leads to emancipation and individuation, not to dependence or to what today is fashionably called “co-dependence”.

Consciousness uses […]

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