Know Thyself



FIRST-AID II: Discovering Knowing-Being

There are two kinds of reality: authentic and artificial. Normally we only acknowledge the artificial kind with its focus on building, preserving, and restructuring. Subjective, psychological reality appears as a shadow of this constructed world, replete with memories and all sorts of desires. It stands in stark contrast to authentic reality in the inner realms of non-psychological experience. “What” we are is an untranslatable state of being, experienced and known only in deepest sensibility.

Authentic reality revolves around our experience of Self as a formless power that transmits firmness and inner stability where we feel whole and safe. It yields a space of certainty, suffused with intangible permanence. It is strongest in childhood, where it assumes the protective glow of angelic influence. Secretly, it persists through adolescence and adulthood, if we allow ourselves to intuit, as the voice within that reminds us of what is truly possible. Its language is feeling-knowing.

It is strange that when we are confused, melancholy, irritated or disturbed in any way, recreating a condition over and over in our mind, we can […]



The Discipline of Vibration:  Hermetic Principles

In our time, Saint Germain is known as the father of modern Alchemy, including ritual, ceremony and diplomacy.  It is said that in a past life he was Paracelsus, the celebrated Renaissance reformer who inspired humanity to value direct intuition of the sensitive world. If we go further back we find him as the mythical person of Thoth, who was also known as Hermes, a priest-king from Atlantis who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the homeland. During 16,000 years the one to whom we own the legacy of “hermetic science”, basic guide for all metaphysical and esoteric learning, governed the ancient race of Egypt from 52,000 AC approximately, to 36,000 AC.

Hermes, called “Trismegistus” for the work that embraces the three worlds of manifestation, defined the foundation of occult procedure. In the following pages we will speak of his legacy, the principles, premises, and the symbolism of his formulas, applying it to ourselves as Inner Alchemy. This is the way the universe functions […]

KNOW THYSELF XV: Discovering Feeling


FIRST AID I: Discovering Feeling

If we find ourselves with a locked door, we search for ways to open it. If a pipe is blocked or leaking, we look for a plumber. In our lives, the solution is always external. When we are sick or hurting we go to a doctor or to some other professional to give us a remedy. There is always a locksmith, a plumber, a doctor, or a first-aid kit somewhere.

Transferring the mechanical way we handle object and situations onto the way we deal with subjective issues seems natural, and yet it is the most contrived thing that we can do. The so-called “inner” world transforms into a secret fiction, another version of the outer world with logically imposed linear causes and presumed effects. We approach our psychological discomfort by searching among familiar routes and devices in order to “fix” it. We force the locks open, patch up leakages, poke the blockages, and systematically impose “positive” thinking upon our mind-body complex. We break the combination, replace the tubing, and pretend to do the same […]

KNOW THYSELF XIV: Personal Energy Management


Life is about giving and receiving; but humane contact is not a question of quantity, but quality. Rather than trade, giving involves the transmission of a quality of Consciousness that is seldom appreciated or returned. Our love and care occurs largely at a level of material benefit.

We need other people to define ourselves and survive. As Consciousness, however, we are unique beings, and need only quality space and time to experience inner reality without pressure or influence from others. If we do not balance these two very human needs, we risk degenerating into a mechanical specimen utterly depleted of physical energy and intelligence, and absent of authenticity and inspiration. Unfortunately, we do not discriminate between real need and fabricated need, opening a zone of exchange that shortchanges the one who cannot make the distinction.

The most abundant and freely used source of personal energy is emotional, appearing always in combination with physical and mental elements. The nature of emotion is to engage others, circulate, and reflect back to sender. As élan vital it is wholly […]



I have been training people in Inner Alchemy for thirty years and it is always a challenge to describe its methods without using terms that imply “doing” and the acquisition of knowledge. Inner Alchemy cannot be compared to ordinary instruction or any form of therapy. The training is not about information and abilities but about a catalytic process of transformation that begins within the individual and extends into reverberations that affect the universe.

Human transformation is a difficult process. No amount of understanding or traditional learning can qualitatively alter ego-structure because restructuring does not involve a decision or the activation of the linear mind; on the contrary. Alchemical transformation occurs by grace of soul and spirit involvement beyond the rational mind. The individual must separate itself from its identifications and stand firmly in an energetic identity that is formless. Unless the personality is under the conscious command of higher will, and its connection with spirit is clear and firm, alchemical operations are impossible.

Only a human being in alliance with planetary and cosmic forces can execute an alchemical operation. The […]

Know Thyself IX

KNOW THYSELF IX (sequel to “Know Thyself V, Consciousness”)


The highest aspect of Consciousness available to us in the subtlest of ways is found in Silence. It is the place where Monadic oneness splits as it goes through a sort of prism on its way into the spectrum of our Human condition.  The multiple expression of divinity represents the source of Intelligence, or Mind as we know it.

In some traditions this range of frequencies is call “Elohim”, God as an emanating plurality.  This tremendous source is a peaceful potency of perfect blissfulness, sensed as non-localized pressure at an intuitional level.  There are different gradations of it as movement, rhythm and colour.  Here, the experience of mind and heart is fused into one.  Thinking is absent and so is personal emotion.  Yet the quality of this resonance is both Love and Intelligence.

Know Thyself VIII – The Path

THE PATH:  The Way of the Moon and the Way of the Sun

“The Angel of the Presence lifts one hand into the blue of heaven. He plunges deep the other into the sea of forms. Thus he connects the world of form and formless life. Heaven to earth he brings; earth into heaven. … The two are one. … The Word is manifest. The work is seen complete. The Whole is visioned. The magic work is wrought. Again the two are one. The Plan is served.”                                                                                   Alice Bailey, Treatise on the Seven Rays

From the moment that we are born, our life journey on Earth reflects the unique ways of the moon and the sun.  We live under the subterranean and nebulous influence of lunar cycles and equally under the luminous solar reflection that inspires the soul.  We […]

Know Thyself: VII

a rose over fire


“All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” (Jerome, V AD, on the fall of the Roman Empire)

I am aware that the process described here is difficult, especially because it calls for absolute non-judgement and works beneath the threshold of belief or thinking itself at an energetic level.  It also requires experience in the detection and handling of emotional force.  But, I have been moved to make it public, rather than to limit it only to my students, knowing that hidden jewels and groups that already work in similar ways exist, who may understand and be inspired to apply the exercise.    

Many groups came together in December 2012 to contribute with their thoughts and feelings to the alignment of planetary forces within our solar systems.  Now it is time to go a step further, with the same enthusiasm, but with greater discipline and flexibility in order to adjust our frequencies to the very world we brought into Light together.  For all the […]

Know Thyself VI – Pain and Courage

KNOW YOURSELF VI: On the Nature of Pain and Courage

With gratitude to all who have ever loved me and lent me a helping hand.  Blessings.

The essence of the human being is a State of Consciousness that takes on the shape and faculties of substance and therefore partakes of both.  Consciousness expresses as matter and also as intelligence on many levels.

When we enter into the contract of incarnation, we assume all the characteristics as well as the history of an evolutionary lineage. Its own intelligence through space-time becomes qualified with the force of Consciousness we are, have attained in matter previously, and held over ages.

Every incarnation, even that of masters takes on ancestral characteristics.  We inherit its history.  During life we develop the bridging faculty that allows our Consciousness to influence body/matter.  Illness of the body-mind can be the effect of the history of matter, the misuse of our own consciousness in matter, or both. Whatever its cause, it is an opportunity for growth.

Sensitivity today is not what it was long ago and we are directly not the cause of […]

Know Thyself V – Consciousness

KNOW THYSELF V:  Consciousness

The tremendous power of Consciousness is encapsulated into one single letter-word: “I”.

“I” not only points to the subject, it commands a particular kind of perspective that spreads in both outward and inward directions simultaneously.

“I” defines an energy distribution that holds power in our own centre; when directed it illumines and injects life to our purpose.

Will you pause and experience it right now as you read? 

Open to your sensibility.  Become aware of how this word “I” affects the energy distribution in your body as well as your focus.

The word “I” draws your attention into collecting your forces; it places you in a perceptual centre.  In a very direct and yet invisible way the periphery becomes dependent on you as a nucleus.  Your activity and your interpretation of it depend on you as “I”.  You enter into a kind of funnel vision where things coalesce into place as you continue to repeat the single letter word.

This word also sheds light on to conditions: I am “happy”, I am “unhappy”, I am “cold”, or “hot”… It is tremendously powerful!  […]

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