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Continuation of Know Thyself XXI “To Step Aside”

It is no longer enough to step aside and “see” oneself and one’s creations.

To be whole we need to rescue, integrate and become responsible

for the energies that the egoism of the personality

has usurped with its automatic conditioning and behaviour.


“The Leap” defines the end of the self-indulgence

that nourishes egoism.


INNER ALCHEMY teaches us to distinguish between the observer (a neutral state) and the thinker (ordinary thinking that reflects personal interests) in a continuous process of Introspection. It becomes difficult to do when the thinker poses as intelligent observer.

Thoughts weave together naturally, forming an automatic chain of progressive stimulation that seasons our life. We believe that they define us and that we control them, but they are self-indulgent, lazy, compulsive, sensual, obsessive and absorbing. They promise independence, self-sufficiency, and importance. Possessive and jealous, they construct a powerful self-absorbed identity that doesn’t leave much room for the free and altruistic consciousness […]


Final Part of “Know Thyself X, XI, XII”


Alex Grey


If you have been following this series, you might not yet understand why our personality should be associated with such a negative manifestation as vice.  Of course none of us is overtly “envious”, “greedy” or “lustful”.  We are far too well behaved and socially adapted for that. 

I have exaggerated the characteristics of behavior to focus on the mental habits that use key energy attributes. The purpose of my study is to understand clearly how, for example, anger contains leadership potential and envy the ability to sense configurations at a distance and measure them, because they develop and employ basically neutral faculties.  Does everyone who exerts leadership or gauges phenomena abstractly need to be angry or envious? No. 

If we are to acquire mastery over our selves, we need to be aware how thought-forms respond within and around us.  Most of all, we need to learn how to alter their possibility as the forces arise, without losing the precious momentum they produce.  Censorship and vigorous repression do not work favorably for human […]

KNOW THYSELF XII – From Dark to Light

(Sequel to “Know Thyself X, XI”)

It is said that every virtuous act is inspired by a dark secret.  The good we do drags behind it a shadow of dark motivation. When all the guilt and shame for the bad we’ve done have run their course, it’s the good we did that redeems us.  Then, the secrets we kept and the motives we concealed creep up from their shadows to be dealt with within ourselves.

Thought-forms condition the personality in devious ways that cause suffering and abuse.  In many cases the addiction and intensity are such that only extreme versions of itself can, eventually, bring respite.  Therapy and chemicals barely assuage the darkness that clouds the conscious mind of the individual with weight and a sense of hopelessness.  Every step forward is met with a reminder of what was lost; insight towards something constructive is missing. Unable to control itself, the person often chooses isolation, secret indulgence, or suicide as the only virtuous act possible.  We all know what this feels like.

As we are able to switch from fear and a paranoid […]

KNOW THYSELF XI: Recalibration

Sequel to “Know Thyself X: Thought-Forms”

Image through courtesy of Carmela Tal Baron

The elements fire, water, earth and air, constitute the substance of life.   They create different qualities of movement that act as Intelligence in matter.   Life forms respond to them as an imperative.   Our Consciousness, as Source, has always been and always will be free, but our bodies are constructed of the elements.  These provide the roadmap for creation as evolution and expansion of consciousness by providing experience.  Everything in Creation is about experience.

Whether through choice or accident, we are born into a configuration of elements.  It is not the configuration that matters but the benefit we derive of it as we learn to manage willpower.  This complex offers lessons in management and creation of seven predominant types of activity.

As Consciousness we dress ourselves in each type and predisposition; our free will does the rest.  Essentially there is no blame or guilt as, eventually if not immediately, we are our own makers.  Everything, from the moment we leave Unity to the moment we return, is […]

Know Thyself X: Personality is a Thought-Form

It is honorable to fight for what one believes in, for what one feels passionately about, what one loves and holds as an Ideal in a world that gives us freedom of expression.  These may define what we like and enjoy, but to go so far as to say that they define who we are is inappropriate.  It is a strange world where a person identifies him or herself with labels ranging from appearance, character traits, religion, or even sexual preference, saying, “This is what I am!”  These are qualities, feelings and beliefs that surround the empowering inner force.  Society reinforces this expedient process of identification that allows it to handle us as if we were brand names or a breed of cows.  What is worse, far worse, is that we define one another and ourselves in exactly the same way.

A human being is not an object that can be defined. Psychology may observe the behavior of the personality and catalogue it, but it can never label a human being. A human being represents a vast space of possibility; a […]





Being (spirit self, I AM) is a state, a resonant experience of wholeness as quality, subjective, and intimate. Pure perception without content; I simply Am.

This is difficult to grasp or appreciate in our everyday reality.

Intuitively we fall into this state when in love, reverie or meditation; all fine perception is heightened. Millions of delicate, invisible, and receptive antennae spread into infinity, highly sensitive of space itself. It is about motion and quality.

However Being is not equipped for three-dimensional existence. In order to accumulate experience in energy management of different sorts, a form is required, a structure that enables it to connect with and distinguish itself from its surroundings. The body provides such a form, and through it personality develops. These are almost the same thing, manifesting both the visible and subtle structure that surrounds Being.

In the same way that Being needs a form, Consciousness requires a focal point of awareness through which to manage vitality as it weaves its innumerable textures of experience in matter. Usually, […]

Know Thyself I


Several thousand years ago the light that enabled feminine consciousness was extinguished in all but a handful of sources.  Those of us who yearn for its return are here to once again ignite that flame, that we may arise, claim our birthright, and light the world.

A woman must cultivate her sensitivity in order to develop her full capabilities. It is easy for a woman to lose herself in emotional agitation and mental conflict.  Her body absorbs everything and then becomes a tangle of sensations and feelings, difficult to decode and control. If she is to attain to the mastery that is her birthright, she must be able to distinguish sensitivity from sensibility.

To counteract the natural confusion we live in, modern women develop the intellect as men do, in our common educational system and values, but this is not enough. Woman’s mind is a rich, complex kaleidoscope of simultaneous possibilities linked to a sensitive webbing that needs to be recognized, explored, and developed.  Devoid of her deepest impulses and delicate machinery, she becomes dry and brittle, incapable of reaching and […]




Knowing when to step aside requires social maturity. Knowing how to step aside from oneself requires development of Consciousness. It’s not about pushing someone or something aside. It’s not about distancing, adjusting a focus, or imposing artificial neutrality. It entails putting aside all references in order to “see” and “know”.

We use verbal language to think and to evaluate what and how we feel. We compare and remember through images that convey thoughts qualified with feelings. Everything passes through the conscious process of the concrete mind. Even abstraction is based on conceptual units of thought. Observation of every sort goes through the coding and decoding process of the linear mind that uses vocabulary, perpetually seeking fixity and definition.

Our identity is based on impressions and evaluations, as are our relationships, our values, our ideals and our code of ethics. Everything we do goes through this filtering process to be catalogued on a scale. From light to dark, from 0 to 100, from good to bad, there are infinite “relatives”.

Personality is […]



Transmutation and Sublimation

Inadvertently, we accidentally practice a kind of alchemy in our daily life, directing visual, mental and emotional faculties towards manifestation. Imagination is like a memory-fantasy that visually conceives and orients thought-forms with the speed of lightning; the highly malleable atmosphere accepts it as a command, imprinting molds that await material expression.

We are multidimensional beings. We have access to all form and kind of intelligence, since our physical and intelligent structure is compounded of the same substance and possibilities. Everything is within us. We imagine what we in a way already know as part of our subconscious or supra-conscious history. We may conceive of the angelic state or of a time in history because we “feel-remember” and thus we can evoke or manifest it. Of course this also works negatively. Access is restricted to our level of experience and the frequency of our activated Consciousness.

We compare, contrast, separate or fuse with conditions all too easily. We identify with people and situations in real life as in movies and books. Sometimes we even […]



The Emerald Tablet

Of all the formulae and alchemical treatises that have been bequeathed to us, the most synthetic, broadest, and precise is “The Emerald Tablet”, mother of all keys. It reveals the wide potential of Alchemy in depth, addressing itself to the human being as creator, and to Creation, as beginning and end of all things. Its emerald colour is one of the symbols for knowledge or gnosis, and refers to the philosopher’s stone of the alchemists. It evokes the Grail.

It is said to be imperishable and resistant, immune to the material laws of ionisation, created through chemical transmutation. On it are impressed the basis of the Mysteries in ancient Atlantean language. Typical of divine alchemy, its vibration awakens a resonance in the innermost wisdom of the human being. It is not “understood”, it is “known” through a process of affinity with the soul.

The Emerald Tablet dates from around 36,000 AC. With time, the particular group of priests who cared for the Tablet emigrated to South America, where they found a flourishing race, […]

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