CHAOS – Eternal Companion

Every instant of every minute is composed of microseconds of what we might regard as meaningless chaos.  Life resembles a series of disparate occurrences mysteriously and finely woven over the backdrop of Infinity.  Woman and man learn to administrate the currents of appearance to construct a meaning that might soften the depth of the abyss that always lies within.

We grow with the conviction that we need something to become what we wish, to do what we like, or simply to be happy.  We hardly tolerate the intensity of the void that insinuates itself in bottomless aloneness.  We know without knowing that we are but a drop in the chaos of the Infinite… and we negate it.

Everyone goes through a stage of passionate search outside.  In this phase we do not distinguish physical needs from emotional ones, or those of the soul.  We want to be “together” with something safe, something greater, or someone with whom we may share it all.  In women, the emotional resonance of this is almost obsessive.  In men, the needs are slightly different, but equally compelling.

Implacably, […]





We are. Always were and always will be

expression of the most complete, most exalted,

delicate perfection.


Even without knowing how, we illumine everything around us

through a smile, through a loving regard,

through the laughter of a child

or through the wise hand of the adult extending itself in guidance.


Because we are the instrument of Creation Itself,

uniting in ourselves all the Orders of creation,

from the smallest atom in the simplest element

to the most sublime and powerful archangel.


We are the Consciousness of All That Is.


We are the most beautiful creation

that immaculately reflects the Source.


There is no act or happening that is not part

of the Supreme Energy of the Absolute

in us.

All else is shadow and never was.


The darkness that opposes Love

has no power […]



It all begins in the Mother of all things as Feeling 

Vision without center

fathomless possibility

streaming into

a journey of Love-Desire

shaft of limitless diamond light

gauze-like shades of color


falling in delightful rhythm

forms intensely


nothingness and all

as yet unknowing


eternal center and periphery




diaphanous accords

amplitude, rhythmic cadences

perception of multiplicity

shades of light


perennial relationship



reproducing and attuning

this and that

infinite options

Will to Be as longing

versions of Self as different tastes

extending and contracting

space created

by a sigh

transformation, satisfaction and pleasure


a game sparkling in a pocket deep inside, concealed


Diving into narrow emptiness


immersed in textures of Earth

a world designed

ecstasy of dance […]

Eye of the Hurricane

THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE Mallorca, facing the sea.

A fierce wind whistles through the crevices of windows and doors. Outside, fishing boats rise and tilt and dip again beneath sinuous blue-grey swells. The wind sweeps everything in its way swerving, lifting, brushing over invisible streams. There is a violent restraint to the power I witness. Quiescence and also longing arise as a search for wordless answers to impossible questions. Undecipherable whisperings surface as sighs in the silence in between. The sounds, smells, sights, sensations and feelings remind me of childhood and Caribbean summer cyclones. Strange how time stands still in the eye of the hurricane.

I know without knowing, all is the same. Impermanent and permanent. Everything coincides: inner-outer, summer-winter, past present, East-West. Memories and possibilities loom before the mind’s eye. to remember vows taken and promises broken, yearnings in youth and acknowledgments in maturity, the irrelevance of desire, and the voracity of the soul yearning for itself. It is not the faces of people or the shadow of events but rather the feelings that produced them that remain, like the foamy […]



I owe an expression of gratitude to my loves

for all they found in me,

“good” or “bad”,

and for what they brought out in me

because of what they are

and whom I needed them to be.


I owe an apology to all my lovers. 

I expected everything from them

but I held back the emptiness within me,

the greatest gift of all. 

I gave them a fragment of myself

and sold them short.


I owe my adversaries and so-called enemies

the compassion and the fullness of my truth. 

They saw in me a mirror

and I accepted the images they held. 

They made me as strong

as the fear that stood between us.


I owe my parents and my ancestors understanding. 

They were the best that they could be. 

Rather than resist, deny, ignore or imitate,

pay homage to or take it away,

I owe it to them to be the best there is in me.

I am their continuation in a better world.


To all, I owe the full Presence of myself

wherever I am,

unashamed, unmasked, powerful and vulnerable,

with strengths and flaws,

in depth and height,

a unique Being in a unique moment right here and now.


Life asks nothing less from me. 

I am the […]

Love is Never Lost


Love is never lost.  Every experience of love threads into another until together they construct a mountain range that harbours tenderness shared.  Towards the end of our lives, love stands revealed as the golden path of scintillating filaments that weave our history.  At its very centre appears a flame, ignited by the unmistakable fire of a single most intense experience that reached our inner core and breathed life into all the rest, defining the beginning of time lived.

The love of my life rescued me from the meaninglessness of ordinary relationships.  It was frightening at first, volatile and tempestuous, deeply stirring, fragile and defiant, friendly, playful, and also all involving.  We fell into inner shadowy whirlpools and arose quietly in luminous resonance time and again.  Our sharing defined the future and severed us from the past.  It was an experience we would not, could not, ever repeat, and it would bear the weight – as memories of pain and ecstasy – for all the future loves.

There is always such an impression in the life of a whole […]

From Utopia to Reality

FROM UTOPIA TO REALITY:  The World According to a Woman


What up to now has been called “utopia” is, in fact, the authentic inner perception and experience of a woman.  The time has come where the maturity we have reached compels us to manifest what we are in all aspects of our earthly existence.

I am woman.  Within myself I contain and live a world that begs to be brought to life in our every day.  A daily life filled with hope in the future and in ever expanding levels of consciousness, where we may express a natural,  spontaneous human contact between people.  “Humane” goes much farther than the strict rules that continue to control our relationships.  It reaches beyond rules and norms in every way.

I see a world where…

Be Loved, Beloved


(in memory of Mary Magdalene)

What is not written anywhere, Is embedded in memory as the pulsation of Being.

I remember being loved once, in another life, in another time, a love as deep as it is wide. A resonating field that contains, and blesses every sense with grace. Meanings that embrace meanings Emptiness and fullness Ebbing and flowing. inexplicable and secret. Knowing without knowing. A place of seeing within my Self.

Without searching, I sensed him near. Walking, I saw his feet before me and then besides me. I recognized the sandals that he wore, sensed the texture of his robe, felt my hand in his, his in mine, knew that kindred energy that brought me Life. Dignified, direct, and frank. What he did not say his eyes conveyed, filling the space around us with the radiance of his Presence.

Happiness is not a word that could describe being loved by such a One. Trust stronger than fear. Containment and stillness in the face of turmoil. Impeccability in a world of guise and ruse.

When he spoke I “knew” […]

Our Secret from the Men

Do you not know I see it all,
I feel it all…
I know it all?
Yet you reveal me to myself.

I know how to appear and simulate.
I know how to arrange and to display
so that you may be who you wish to be
in innocence and trust.

Under the powerful man,
you are the one I must protect
from me and from yourself.
Equal parts of tenderness, passion and fear arise in me.

It is all a very serious game,
where lives and love and fields of force are set.
I hold the keys
and you will never know where I am going.

I who am Love, learn to love through you.
Life compels me to look around and feel and to remember
what I would never grasp,
if it were not for you.

You shape me and place me in contexts
that cannot contain my emptiness,
evoking awareness of cycles
and rhythms hidden inside.

You see me in ways that please your creativity
and through them I discover possibility,
the richness of delving, deeply,
into a feeling world that moves us both.

You do not always bring pleasure,
nor the security I crave.
But, the confidence your contours offer me
bestows a sweet illusion of […]

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