Feminine Mysteries



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“ALCHEMY … implies structural acceleration

“INNER … defines a discriminating subjectivity “

Inner Alchemy creates a bridge between the worlds of matter and subtlety based on intelligence and sensitivity that leads to knowledge and wisdom. It fosters self-mastery that reinforces creativity to impact every moment and build a better future.

Man and woman, we discover the power that catalyzes our world in order to recognize and influence reality at multiple levels.

For men, Inner Alchemy teaches conscious multidimensional management and construction of form, as well as expansion of Consciousness.

For women, it reveals her own affinities with creation, from the experience of deepest intimacy that engenders and develops life, to the evolution of the race.

MYSTERY: the spontaneous inexplicable dynamic of Creation

FEMININE: the unique subtle instrument of women’s structure


The formula for women

Who then, better than a woman, instrument of life, to deeply influence the future of human life?

Who better than a woman, instrument of life,

to profoundly and decisively influence the future of humanity?

Inner […]



Series on Feminine Mysteries, Part II

Feminine Mysteries is the legacy of womankind. Its nature mirrors that which occurs within and through women’s inner structure, a non-rational, direct immersion into the continuous movement of the universe. Some might call it Chaos, but rather than disorder this dynamic discloses Truth. In occult schools of development this range of experience is a fundamental requirement for initiation into advanced practices for both genders, because it opens the door to that which exists beyond the linear mind and the physical senses. This is why its processes are called “mysteries”. For men they are mysterious but for women their indefinable mechanism is commonplace.

In the Egyptian formula the “lesser” Moon mysteries of Isis (the feminine) opened the way for the “higher” Ossyrian or solar mysteries (the masculine) that teach the directing and structuring of life forces. Both stages are to be lived and not merely understood. Each develops a peculiarity of gender with the purpose of creating balance and evoking the construction of a better world jointly.

Humanity has undergone many evolutionary […]


THE FEMININE PATH Series on Feminine Mysteries, Part I

For the first time in five thousand years, we are entering into a great feminine cycle that will last another five thousand years. Our time is one of darkness and confusion that resembles the complexity of woman herself. As within her, development in these times is not logical or formal. It consists in mastery of the unknowable Primordial Chaos. A woman is physically and psychically structured to become an adept in the management of the ebb and flow of creation, a nexus of forces that she lives daily.

The ravages of time and the physical transformation of our Earth erased the impressions of the Feminine Path from previous cycles. In deep attunement, it is up to women today to intuit the possibilities that, rather than mimic the masculine cycle, will transform her, her concept of herself, society, and the world radically.

Before, and as a result of the needs of a male cycle, a woman learned about her own nature in temples with her elders, keeping to the tradition of a “veiled” Isis. Today […]

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