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(Originally published in Spanish as “El Hombre del Futuro” — The Man of the Future,

Uno Mismo magazine nº 383, pps.32-36)

 Gender, Essence and Personality

In past eras, spiritual and evolutionary need called for individualisation. Now development calls for service and collective refinement. The path towards awakening is no longer one of simple human transcendence but of global transmutation on many levels. We are inspired by a group consciousness that values multiple and simultaneous realisation. Up to the present moment, the spiritual and evolutionary development of Consciousness followed parallel paths. Now individual realisation answers to both Consciousness and evolution, and occurs on two planes. The individual must express uniqueness and difference, and at the same time embody the collective spirit of equality and brotherhood.

Gender defines much more than sexual function or inclination. It determines an inner path that has little to do with preference, behavior or appearance. The essence of a human being is genderless, unique and sometimes very different from its personality and appearance. Those who have attained spiritual fullness, personality awareness, and as […]



“For there is nothing either good or bad,

but thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet)


Beyond the forms we see every day, even the most insignificant, the grandeur of Life is revealed. But, we need to have eyes to see, the kind of seeing where we Know.

The general belief is that in order to know we need information. This applies to experience as well. Socially, experience is limited to participation in circumstances that confirm our definitions and expectations.   Collective life reflects a relation of definitions that involves performance and a shadow-play of barely discernible self-images. The information gathered takes up form and space in our mind, and knowledge prizes the result of imaginary reflections.

Formulas and theories are like glitter. They are glamorous but superficial. They pretend to be luminous. No matter how well we handle them, unless we put them into living practice they are useless. Like reading a manual versus learning to ride a bicycle.

However, most people prefer formulas, ready-made categories, forgeries, and information. Relationships become more important than people. We feel a […]


HUMAN BEINGS FORGOT HOW TO “FEEL” (Article originally appearing in Spanish in the Argentine magazine, “Uno Mismo”)

“Awareness is revolutionary in the same way that the repression of consciousness is anti-revolutionary. … Revolutionary consciousness is Primal Consciousness – an integrated mind freed from the internal realities of pain. Without Primal Consciousness, the neurotic person will externalise his inner conflicts and his rebelliousness will be symbolic.”

“The Primal Revolution, Towards a ‘Real’ World”  by Arthur Janov Ph.d. 1972.

The ‘60’s were revolutionary in many respects. On the one hand the Beatles erupted and with them a rejection of superficiality and naïve idealism of post World War II. On the other hand, Spain and Latin America fought politically and militarily to free themselves from centuries of formalism. Meanwhile, the East summoned us to the depths of memory and to the awakening of Consciousness.

Those of us who lived those times of cataclysmic social and cultural transformation did it ‘big time’, with excesses and exaggeration, dramatic manifestations, cult to the chaotic in jazz and in the arts, redefinition of […]



Part Three of “Sensitivity in the City”


Sensitivity reflects the capacity of a human being for receiving and processing sensory physical, emotional, and mental impressions. But, receptivity does not guarantee correct or adequate awareness or interpretation of stimuli. Self protectively, highly sensitive people block out a great deal of impressions and focus only on one or two avenues. The same applies to observation that does not always match the ample levels of possible perception.

Conditioned by the immediate reality, every sensitive person focuses on one or more senses and these become a refuge as well as a means of communication. What really distinguishes them from the more average people is the degree to which the feel and respond. An artist will reflect experience visually, a musician through sound, a sculptor or an architect through the delicate sense of touch and proportion. Food preparation engages a wide variety of gustatory and olfactory properties. A dancer says it all through the body, while intellectual activity, on the other hand, limits perceptions to mental representations.

Meditation develops Consciousness. […]



(Sensitivity in the City, Part Two)


The contrast with my ordinary life in cities was such that even in urban zones in India, it was as if I was in another planet. It wasn’t just the exoticism of the culture; the geophysical composition wholly altered my sensibilities. The global experience of light, space, sound, smell and colors clearly rearranged my faculties of perceptions, intensifying them and allowing me to feel the emptiness within spaces and happenings. With reason it is referred to as the “Mother”. The sensation I consistently had was one of being in a womb, a spacious cavern made from amber and musk.

My first exposure was to Rajasthan amidst lush jungles and quaint Jain temples. I could sense as well as hear the sounds of Nature in multiple shades of green, and be deeply, resonantly moved by local throat singers on their primitive, scantily-stringed instruments. My body was one with the pulse of the earth on warm moist, fragrant mornings. The contrasting pace of Chapatti Beach in Mumbai, as the smells […]


Sensitivity in the City

A Four Part Series

Part One


Life purpose and choice of profession is often shaped by the need to understand our perceptions and ourselves. I have been embarrassingly plagued by hypersensitivity all my life. People’s reaction to my jumps and starts and low sensory threshold made me feel that it was some sort of disease and certainly something that I ought to be able to control. Being female only complicated the problem.

Generally speaking, sensitivity is a social bother and an inconvenience. Our world is such that it is much smarter and often more elegant to simulate sensitivity.   Higher learning goes so far as to avoid it altogether, and focus instead on mental control and projection. Everyone fits in where and how they can.

Many people seem to be perfectly content amidst intense and varied, often discordant stimulation. Rather than bewilderment or curiosity, for them physical sensory life is rather simple and more than satisfactory; they have little interest in exploring other forms of perception or heightened feeling states. Everything is fine […]

KARMA, DHARMA AND SEXUALITY (published article)


(article published in Spanish in the Argentinian magazine, “Uno Mismo”, issue nº 381)


“Men and women remain instruments of sexuality. We weave and unweave      

Karma. What appears beautiful and that which appears ugly is

our own  reflection… Everything carries the heartbeat of Creation.”

“Karma & Sexuality”, by Zulma Reyo, Ashgrove Publishing, London


I linked two unrelated terms into one important subject in one of my very first books, “Karma and Sexuality”. I’ve worked with it during many, many years in groups and in different parts of the world.

A human being’s sexuality, including its expression as sex reflects its “karma” through the beliefs and way in which he or she acts, thinks and feels.

These are the premises upon which I base my argument.

º Energy is a subtle substance that manifests in various densities and rhythms, from sublime light to dense matter. It may be molded and impressed, and composes everything in Creation, including the various bodies or energy fields of the human being. […]



Preliminary Steps and Kinds of Connection


What happens?

How am I affected?


I. Observation and Sensitivity

Learn to observe, identify and administer your energies in daily life. Our school teaches the method of Introspection (, whereby you learn to distinguish physical energies from emotional and mental frequencies, in order to identify, alter, and neutralise them.

Through the direct experience of each type of energy, we become proficient in modulating energies in order to introduce more constructive forms of expression. We learn thought-management and balance without repressing, condemning, or blocking the natural flow of life through us. We learn how to re-channel and re-qualify it.

This now allows for discrimination and selectivity. We identify the energetic framework of conditions and understand how they affect us. This is where the journey begins, when we choose and modulate deliberately, rather than instinctively ward off negativity or recur to automatic offensive-defensive maneuvers. Self-growth is the natural consequence of sensibility and observation, where we substitute refined thought, feeling and sensation upon our body network and […]



How to develop accurate perception?

What is authentic, imaginary, or projected?


Perception and Authenticity

Rational understanding and determination are not enough to reach higher consciousness. Information doesn’t alter vibrational frequency. The world already has too many informed people who “think” that they know. It changes nothing. Consciousness demands a continual process of adapting and integrating information and insight into daily life, living a truth so thoroughly that it becomes a part of us. Then we know because we experience it with full sensibility, and that shows in how and what we perceive.

Spirituality requires a good dose of common sense. Cosmic doorways do not open in response to our desire and illumine humanity as by an act of grace. People themselves generate the voltage needed for attunement linking inner disposition and the climate of the universe. This implies the correct use of all our faculties and a balanced life approach that deals effectively with light and dark in every aspect of life. Resistance and flexibility are important in order to benefit […]



Everybody wants “exclusivity”, a privilege bestowed to the very select or superior few. It could just be a secret or an opportunity, whether publicly or privately, in a relationship, with a best friend, or with our child. We vie over rights and advantages that imply ownership and importance. We want to be best and concede “best-ness” by association, so that our greatness may be recognized.

We grow up surrounded by the idea that we deserve specialness, becoming ensnared by anything that might bestow this upon us. Once achieved, we control others through it. Exclusivity goes contrary to human and spiritual values. It belongs in the marketplace, trading in products that can be bought and sold. Striving for it we damage a very important part of our sensitivity. We shut out other aspects of life and inflate our ego, isolating ourselves from the vast ocean of unity that defines Self. We don’t want to see how selfish this is, particularly if we have any inclination towards living a more spiritual life. Instead of raising our character, it binds us by taking us […]

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