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Neutrality comes from wholeness. It does not imply tolerance, effort, control or calculation. It is the state of human intelligence when not under the grip of ambition or outside control. The Neutral Mind is the true Intelligence of a human being embracing its humanity and its divinity. The posture releases a powerful force capable of transforming our world. ZR

Every serious student of Truth is faced with a great challenge: to acquire neutrality that starts with self. For this the person has to break with the habit of accepting face values and indulging in personalized thinking, radically altering the dynamic of understanding and managing data, and adopting a causal perspective of life dynamics. This requires a flexible mind that decodes perception separately from personal identity.

Usually we learn, understand and evaluate through a linear mind that manages isolated events and impresses them with fixed meanings. We analyze everything in this way. Except in rare instances, we do not employ holistic vision, which in our work we call the “Neutral” or the “Christ Mind.”

To access this mind, […]



In all creation, forms are intrinsically linked through vital filaments emanating from a source, be it the Creator, man, animals, insects and plants, the earth or the solar system. Such is the silver cord that joins our body to the soul; the DNA that recalls the history of our ancestors and our physical predisposition; and the umbilical cord that nourishes the offspring. Similarly, our world is connected to us; it is an extension of our personal energies. We are destined to be associated to other forms of life and to the consequence of our acts. Linked, not “attached”. Attachment is not part of the Law; it is an artificial condition, created through misuse of human will and desire.

Let’s talk about the immediate personal world and see attachment for what it is: a mental habit that uses the energy of thought to strengthen ties with another life form. A custom that exploits emotions, creating powerful thought forms that sensorially link parts together. It can be considered a kind of appropriation, whose purpose is to control and evoke continuity, utility, and comfort. […]


Being Nice

Instinct leads us to survive under any and all circumstances, sparking tremendous creativity that falls into patterns that compose our self-identity and behavior. Our personality is a monument to the kind of social pressures that have shaped us – family, friends, colleagues, spirit of the time – reflecting a type. Every individual invariably falls into one kind, and every generation grows the same ones over and over again. There is nothing original or unique about personality.

Some of us construct more attractive façades than others, yet every single one of them is forged on adaptation, a series of mechanisms that assures human response, buffeting isolation and aloneness. Still, behavioral masks come at the cost of soul contact and harbor disagreeable although often veiled characteristics, unconsciousness, anger and fear. Somewhere too, beautiful soul characteristics manage to surface from time to time, although scratching the surface, it is not difficult to discover flaws of selfishness.

There is one type of identity pattern that wins the popularity contest and manages to evade criticism. Everybody likes a nice person. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable and […]



The harrowing sense of insecurity and over-stimulation that prevails in our time produces a weak and very questionable authenticity. Truth be told, most people are too busy standing guard over their beliefs to connect with self-conviction, and behind this lamentable condition, we crouch in a mythical make-believe of privacy and autonomy.

We are strongly influenced by what another person sees in us, whether we agree with it or not. We are mirrors to one another, ill fated to respond to reflections rather than to inner stability, integrity or conviction.

It may appear that we can keep thoughts to ourselves, and mask feelings. However, anger, sadness, excitement, inspiration, or the heaviness of indifference color the atmosphere surrounding us at all times. There is nothing personal about it. Human beings constantly emit fields of energy and forces that are in perpetual motion and infiltrate our fragile physical structure, floating and mixing with surfaces much like dust moats in the air. Thoughts and feelings shape our experience of reality and there is little difference if they are outside expressions or if they respond to […]

The Program


The Program is the planetary filter that conditions the behavior of an era.   

A long time ago humanity lost track of the precious knowledge that the human being is free and already equipped with connections that allow it to recognize, link and rule over inner and outer reality.  As the human model, we are designed to construct our own world as autonomous, individual, and fully conscious beings.  We possess the equipment but we do not yet know how to access the structure that will enable us to recognize that, far from being ignorant sheep, we are creators.

Today, when humanity has evolved sufficiently to self-destruct, a consistently niggling feeling surfaces; we sense that somewhere within us lies a key to the freedom and creativity we crave.  We perceive an invisible barrier that prevents us from discovering or even inquiring further and don’t know how to break through.

A rigorous and extremely subtle social program which begun as a measure to safeguard the greater good and assure continuity, has developed into a mighty barrier of multileveled human creation, and […]



Love opens doors that never close

I am constantly surprised how difficult it is for someone to remember how he or she truly felt in the past, regardless if it is pleasant or unpleasant.

Memory holds all kinds of impressions. We tend to distort them when they contain emotional content. “Memory” usually translates into the anecdotal superficial type that selects certain elements but does not shed light on the living texture of the experience. Parties and gatherings are a special arena for this kind of recall where we fall into dramatic portrayals of memories lived or imagined, transmitting vivid but flat detail. Feelings are restricted to vapid judgmental descriptions. It is entertaining and most people leave it at that.

The quality of the memory we activate has to do with the quality of attention or importance we place on life and the meaning of our personal journey. Superficial “normal” memory reduces emotional sentience and soul sensitivity, limiting it to intellectual associations and evaluation.

People who ignore feelings they have experienced, as if they held no […]



In the 1950’s when I started schooling, little girls were brought up to please, make babies, and look pretty. The only avenue for growth available to the female gender was a “good” academic education. But, it offered a dubious freedom. Rote learning had been left behind a decade earlier, but not the mentality behind it. Learning and information were stressed while understanding and sensitivity were enigmatically left to fate or to the imagination. Inbred feminine survival instinct kept women repressed and neurotic on the inside, while carefully molding an appearance of acceptable freedom.

In 1965 I received a degree from an Ivy League university and a year later another. Rather than grant me freedom, my intellectual development only augmented a sense of alienation. The aggressive climate of politics, racism, continuous sensory assault, the feminist liberation campaign and other movements both diffused and exacerbated complexities, focusing almost exclusively on behavioral display and surface relief of tensions. Oppression and violence, rampant military regimes, leftist revolutions, and hopeless death tolls in the name of human rights defined the […]



“There is a hole in aloneness that leads into everythingness.”   –  ZR

Normally, we don’t know how to be alone.  We look for things to occupy our time and space, and immerse ourselves in projects, people and intensities, anything so as not to feel ourselves.  Many people who claim to enjoy being alone use isolation as an excuse to do and be as they please, without distractions, diving into some activity or another to cover up the fear of insufficiency, meaninglessness, and their own selfishness.  This is not aloneness.

Aloneness is pure experiencing, free from boundaries or targets.  We are at the centre as sentient observers, but do not concern ourselves with any self-description or reflection.  Instead, the experience suggests a positioning whereby we are whole, good, perfect, and in a sense irrelevant.  There is no time and space in the experience of Self.  There is nothing to criticize, complain about, compete with, or achieve.  It is an utterly sensitive participation in the totality of life in any given moment, as deep as it can be subtle.  Aloneness […]


FREEDOM (original text 2012)

 Am I free because circumstances allow me to express myself, or because I feel free?

We don’t seem to know how to enjoy our energies without having to “do” something with them.  What we can do freely becomes more important than the experience of being free.

“Freedom” is another excuse to “do” more. When we are unable to differentiate real freedom from performance, freedom becomes exhibitionism.  Our world is full of such manifestations.

Freedom is a spiritual state of Being.  Its experience leads to respect for all life. If we know ourselves free we feel compelled to allow others their natural rights.  A spiritually free person responds to life without going into hiding or isolation.  Such a person lives a process of continuous introspection, striving for purity in expression. If something is offensive, the first step in the mind of a spiritual person is to investigate what is being offended and clear any shadows from within.  The finger points back to self rather than to the surrounding world.  Freedom speaks through us in our silences as in our words and […]




Our world model, implemented into our social machinery, into commerce and through gender dynamics is masculine: angular, fixed, aggressive and utilitarian.  Predicated on negotiation, challenge and winning, on acquisition and exploitation.  It is secure and immediate, but not natural.  Energies respond to a vision of detail and separation, to categories rather than qualities.  To the particular and not to the whole.

We propose the drafting of a different model.  This, the feminine model, would be in the order of a Rainbow.  Within the spectrum colors do not mix, nor fuse, nor overlay one another, and none is better than the other.  They do not create ugly hybrid mixtures as happens in the physical world.  They appear individually: clear, clean, and each one whole.  Inner vision further reveals a colored ocean of continuous movement behind appearances, one layer over or next to another without one dominating the under layer or the surrounding space.

If the subtle forces of colour and movement that rule the universe and our world, function […]

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