The human soul is identical in both women and men, but it manifests in two ways that lead through a journey of different perceptions and faculties in service upon the material plane, and eventually back to Source.

The genders reflect the Feminine and Masculine Principles through the activity of the etheric vortices that constitute the mold for their physical structure. But the Principles are not synonymous to the male and female sex, even as they incorporate beautifully the awakened sensibility and expression of gender style.

We must not confuse the Oriental principles of Yin and Yang with the Feminine and Masculine Principles. Each gender contains within itself Yin and Yang modalities, but each is also whole and unique. Dependence and co-dependence are euphemisms that depict vestiges of a dying era of honorable male dominance and willing feminine subjugation. Fulfilment is not dependent upon any strength or weakness. The inbuilt structure of each gender is wholly autonomous, perfectly capable of full performance and realisation. There is no need for compromise. The human preoccupation with “helping” the other in this sense, is wholly self-indulgent and based on psychological personally defined need.

The purpose of the dual system is simple: to ardently ignite the urge within each gender to express itself and its vision upon the stage of the world. Whole. For the human being this does not presuppose lack of caring or understanding. As women, we have become so accustomed to the supporting role, that we feel guilty and meaningless out of it. Expression of wholeness for each gender is the essence of healthy non-competitive collaboration, in a spirit of humanism that does not crush whatever might be different from ourselves.

Women continuously experience inner chaos whilst searching for an order that will manifest their perception of a possible reality, which is why we still turn to men. Our search is based on inspiring relief and homeostasis, a manner of resolution to the matter we modulate and incorporate as gender. Men incorporate the principle of order while inadvertently creating chaos through their constantly active creative urge. This is what sparks them forth. And yet they turn towards women as representing the challenge they can never resolve.

The genders “need” one another but not in the way that most people interpret this. They need to live and let-live in non-interference, in a way that is neither dominant nor submissive. This is best understood if we look back over the outgoing cycle to see how women have handled their supportive role. However many justifications are offered, rather than it being “natural” that women stay at home and have no say in external affairs, it was a posture assumed out of a natural necessity of the cycle. As strange as it might seem now, men in a supportive role are no less “natural” or “unnatural”. This does not mean that men will take over the role of women. It is part of women’s nature to nourish and unite; it is part of men’s nature to understand, allow and empower, while still remaining wholly masculine.

The problem is a temporary one until the psyches adjust to the deeper significance of gender cycles. Today women respond to an urge to voice and manifest their perspective, experiencing themselves capable of introducing a different way of life, and yet finding themselves at odds with the systems imposed by men. Male support will allow and bring forth a new era.

Having been stereotyped for so long, neither women nor men understand this almost savage female urge, or the forms it might assume. Inversely, men are spontaneously searching within, unknowingly receding and activating the latent Yin aspect. Today men feel as if they are losing control over the world, and indeed they are. They are so habituated to modalities that involve forging, shaping, directing and asserting, that the most sensitive men are at a loss. Their keen intelligence tells them that it is time for a change, but no matter how hard they try to formulate one, their perspective will always reflect the vision through the lens of their gender. They cannot possibly incorporate the Feminine Principle. The resonance of the new influences within them sings a different tune. In fact there is nothing that they can “do” but go with the tsunami that will alter everything in our common world. Their leadership acquires a new or humble dimension of genuine attunement to the inner needs of others. Their power arises from empowering feminine initiative from offstage instead of centre stage.

Each gender reacts strongly during times of transition, responding to the call for adjustment from the center of the galaxy that calls for for balance and transcendence, as part of a greater order, one that transcends both Principles at the core.

Civilisation will again call forth a Male Cycle in another 5,000 years or so, when sensitivity reaches its ultimate expression and once again requires another long period of readjustment, redefinition and concrete material expansion. But this will be at a higher level, because every cycle refines and elevates humanity.

(To be continued.)

As with matter and anti-matter, the Masculine and Feminine Principles do not merge.     (Higgs Field)

As with matter and anti-matter, the Masculine and Feminine Principles do not merge. (Higgs Field)

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