Whereas male expression in our current social order may alter, during the transition into the new manifestation, the role of men does not change in nature. It merely adapts to insure the correct function of the perspectives implemented by the women, providing stability through the handling and administration of form. Just as women so long ago transitioned from leading nations and war to exclusively safekeeping the integrity and future of the race, guarding sensitivity in the world.

Thus women’s abilities went underground. They became advisors and the most intelligent men have always recognized them as such, essential to strategy and decision-making. Women learned to exert influence through suggestion and innuendo; giving men the space they needed in order to push forth the evolutionary strain. Women always represented nourishment and always will. Men always represented outer strength and stability and always will.

At the current moment, women cannot yet distinguish what is authentic within them, that which springs from their depths as immeasurable and unseen, and cannot be “done” because it does not yet have a form. Current beliefs diminish the capacity and aspiration of women, particularly the unique manner in which emotion and thought function as Intelligence through them. There is nothing to understand. Reason and logic have little to do with the activity of the Feminine Principle, just as subjective reality and human emotion have nothing to do with the formal, constructive faculty of the Masculine Principle.

Physical priorities bypass the subtle nature of female dynamics. Men observe in order to organize and act, whereas women perceive in order to understand and relate. Women’s excellence manifests in her perception beyond cause-effect. Subjective attunement that links the core with its possibilities defines the very nature of the Feminine Principle incorporated in women.

Rather than in any obvious manner, the effects of the transition we are living are keenly sensed inwardly by both genders. The aggressive, extroverted attack-defense modality of competition is no longer conducive to progress. Control and possessiveness do not determine efficiency. Rule by the one is not in the order of the day. From education to politics and economy, an inner pull is leading us away from the particular into a collective humanitarian spirit of equality and embracing of difference.

In politics, the concept of “democracy” is transforming into something very different. Originally meant to determine rule by a few, who have been elected by the many, it is now standing on shaky ground, insufficiently democratic to embrace the spirit of the collective. Now the “many” make their voice heard. In growing numbers everywhere men and women are rebelling against hierarchical structures of power and control. The Ubuntu movement from South Africa is an example of leadership with authentic equality and fairness. In Spain, the third and still growing mayor force in political thought is called “Podemos” (“We Can”), a hardy offspring of the “Indignados’” movement that achieved worldwide attention for standing against all systems. The establishment in Spain is quite upset, and this is only the beginning.

The excuses that have fostered and held society in the grip of certain convictions and a powerful minority are falling short. There are massive movements for more education of a correct kind for women, children, minorities, and people who fall off the predominant cultural pattern. Artistic expression is shying away from the grotesque to reflect notable grace and cosmic vision, such as that of the Japanese woman painter, Yayoi Kusama. Culture in general is responding to greater refinement in the midst of a growing distaste for the intensifying cacophony of individualistic ambition. The restructuring depth of the Feminine Principle will reshape everything: politics, education, economy, art, and culture.

Underlying evils that have guaranteed forced control over the masses continue to surface. Among these, money and the misuse of natural resources is still vigorously defended by resistant believers in the male regime bent on personal gain. They may well be the last to adapt to the needs of an evolving world. Too many people still cling to the current economic-structure, convinced it is necessary for social survival. Greed as an offshoot of personal investment, once considered the propelling spirit for innovation, has sunk its deepest tentacles into the human psyche, that even the most evolved being sustains conservative views on this matter. Fear of the unknown is the constant, incipient poison that holds the old cycle world view together.

Beyond all this, the greater force of Nature and the influence of solar and cosmic forces, the planet rids itself of weight and density through natural cataclysms, accidents, government leaks, and financial market travesties. It is now a matter of time. No matter how fierce the resistance, the tremendous pressure being exerted upon humanity through inner forces in resonance with greater Truth, will lead us into the inevitable blossoming of another type of civilization.

As Mother or Feminine Principle, the nature of woman is to give birth to all forms of life. By virtue of this, woman has always been the guardian of the inner world. As Father or Masculine Principle, the nature of men is to construct forms for life, insuring utility, purpose and continuance. By virtue of the dynamic projection exerted by the male, he has always been the guardian of the outer world. Each gender, as each Principle, will continue to exert their faculties over creation in both dominant and supportive fashion throughout cycles and ages of unfolding time.

(To Be Continued…)

Higgs Boson

Higgs Boson

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