Civilization responds to the activity of two concurrent modalities of human expression that together weave the ladder of evolution. They express the essential dynamic that rules life: the two ways in which Consciousness resonates in matter through an arrangement of alternating polarities. These activities affect global life and transcend all notion of the particular. They compose universal waves of energy that affect systems of worlds at physical, psychological and social levels. Masculine and Feminine Principles resemble the composite Mother-Father concept we call Source.

This dual system determines the way civilizations formulate and transmit knowledge and the perceptual focus employed in discovery and creativity. It is never about competition or fusion, concepts that only come into play when we translate these principles to the psyche of the human being. Here there is no question of dominant-subservient, better or worse, but equal and necessary value. Dissimilarity provokes movement. The play of harmonies and rhythms spikes evolution and the expansion of Consciousness. The two engender qualitatively different perceptions. Balance ensues when each one is whole within itself.

One Principle is active and expressive, with a penchant for order, system and organization, control, conservation, and a manifestation of individual excellence. The other is receptive, inclined towards diving into depths beyond the surface and expressing the gestating inspirational impulse towards transcendence and the collective. Each incorporates a different type of sensitivity within the creative impulse. Their collaboration consists in recognizing one another during long cycles of time where humanity has an opportunity to develop each potentiality with the support of the other.

The Principles alternate. They do not act with equal force and proportions at the same time. Only one Principle is in expression at one given cycle of development. Through gender attributes, each Principle leads, inspires, and impulses humanity forward in cycles that last approximately 5,000 years, during which time the non-dominant principle contributes with its uniqueness in a supporting role without losing its identity.

Their cycles spread over time to construct, and refine all aspects of life by unfolding their unique style. At the peak they manifest their very best aspects, but as the cycle draws to a close, the influence diminishes in favor of the other.

The difference between the Principles is similar to that between genders. It is qualified by the propensity that each has to perceive and therefore function in certain energetic patterns. The ends attained may be similar, the effects may resemble one another, and yet the emphasis, the degree and quality of activation and dynamism is wholly distinct.


When the need that sparks a particular brand of excellence and achievement during an evolutionary cycle diminishes, and the demand that inspired it has been met, each Principle also manifests vices. It must be understood that the Feminine Principle is volatile. It inherently lacks a sense of stability in its characteristic depth and amplitude. The Masculine Principle lacks the sensitivity of resonance as depth and scope, in its insistence on form, external order and conservation.

In feminine cycles, the Principle instills values of transcendence and universality. They key word is “mystery”. In male cycles, the Principle promotes material and physical expansion, technique, and system. The keynote is discipline. Although one may be conducive to the other, discipline and mystery neutralize one another.

In the conception held during feminine cycles, priority is placed on the collective, and on outer expression dominated by a keen sentience of inner values. In such an arrangement, the ways and means employed in male cycles seem alien and arbitrary, violent and unreal. But, at the tail end of the former female cycle, a palpable need for a new sort of external order and force to contain and restructure the decadent and rather self-indulgent inner life impulses was called for. This naturally paved the way for the upsurge of the male cycle that would rescue humanity from a particular kind of inertia and introduce other possibilities.

For the sake of growth, expansion and stability, the irrational way of the Feminine Principle is eventually obligated to concede to the solid coherence of the masculine perspective. So began the current cycle at around the time of Stonehenge, to culminate in a few short hundred years from now. This is presently forcing us to experience a similar situation again, only in the inverse. Having arrived at the maximum application of force and manipulation of human life through systems that promote rigidity and order, the call today is for the activation of inner elements that will restore balance with universal transcendent values.

The vision offered by the leadership of the Masculine Principle at this time has reached a ceiling. Human life no longer needs or responds to force, arbitrary rules and regulations; it calls for a new order, one that arises from inner life and that embraces the chaos and fluid nature of continuous gestation, something wholly alien to the male structure. Inner power and a perspective of simultaneous systems in operation are replacing arbitrary external imposition.

In our as yet male perspective, the ways suggested by the Feminine Principle appear irrational, illogical, idealistic, vague and diffuse.   Multi-tasking remains as the order of the day, legacy of male rule; however, the elements that inspire plurality are progressively female, strongly influencing the psyche of both men and women.

On the ascendancy, the Feminine Principle rules the chaos of the inner world, both as subjectivity, emotional sensibility, and also as the overwhelming inspiration of cosmic dynamics perceived within the human being and in outer space.

(To be continued)


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