Levels I- III


Sumerian, Adam & Eve

FEMININE MYSTERIES (For exact dates, please look under “Events”)


The basic program as originally designed courses through three archetypical experiences to extract the essence of women’s strength, depth and abilities.   Eve represents the earth and our particular connection with the body and Nature.  Isis initiates us into the Mysteries themselves, focussing on the disciplines involved in transcendence.  The Magdalene incorporates the faculties and difficulties of modern woman, her passion and her full realization.  The entire process is a self-initiation, the awakening of a state of being from which there is no return.


It is not about information only but about direct experience in laboratory conditions.  Both the emotions and the mind are observed, experienced, and mastered individually.  We discover how to access and balance Natural forces, how to tap into the power of the emotions and transmute them into a higher force, and finally how to understand and use the non-rational intelligence we are endowed with as women, to influence and elevate our own and all human life.


Individually and collectively woman serves a purpose greater than herself, and yet the Ideal can only be attained through the realization of a uniquely personal purpose.  Here women are guided to discover their individual journey and purpose as a woman in incarnation; all her energies and faculties converge to bring personal fulfilment while at the same time blending with the Purpose of womankind as the feminine aspect of divinity.   The Feminine Principle.

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