(Extract from a talk given at a Feminine Mysteries retreat)

In daily life we are faced with conditioning and strong influences, automatisms and emotional habits.  Sometimes we will think they are ours but in truth they correspond to the collective mind and to a common programming that veils our perception and therefore our authentic expression.

The common denominator is a belief in separation.  Not only do we believe we are separate from one another, instigating the illusion of secrecy and privacy, we are programmed to think that physical and spiritual life are opposites and sometimes contrary forces.

Separation reveals an analogy, not a reality.  What separates us from the subtle world, including divinity, is not physical conditions but ingrained habits, such as the strong dependence on the linear mind and the devaluation of sensitivity.  This is especially difficult for women whose spiritual path is one of naturalness and inclusiveness.

Separation fosters the appearance of need, suffering and effort, all of which fragment us in such ways that we are forced us to seek teachers, professionals, clergy and techniques to instruct and soothe us.  They supposedly know better.  Besides, they will lead us to the divine.  In this way we guarantee commerce.

Beliefs veil the senses and our reasoning and condition us to act out of a need for comfort, in order not to experience the judgment and condemnation that come together with those beliefs.  It is not just a question of a momentary thought; it has to do with the feeling of instigated fear that cements it.  Vibrations of inferiority and insecurity make contact with the subtlety in common life impossible.  With so many people disconnected from the refinement of their senses, it is not strange that we feel imperfect, insecure and wrong.

Physical and mental effort rule over the natural impulse towards surrender and correspondence.  We believe that we must strive to arrive at a utopic state but before, we must make ourselves worthy of it.  Purification is confused with some sort of chastisement or difficulty and becomes obsessive.  Body practices demand asceticism and mental exercises procure absence of all activity.  It would appear that we have to choose one world or another, to be artificial or to be natural.  Many no longer know the difference.

The great difference between the genuine spiritual path, which I define as that of natural in-depth sensitivity, and the beliefs, processes and games that pretend to transmit spirituality is that the latter require artifacts and external confirmation.  I refer to systems and techniques that prey on recognition and approval.  A real interest for Truth is not generated.

In popular thought, there are three subjects that confuse us:  Good and Evil, the Laws of Karma, and the Feminine Body and Sexuality.

Good and Evil

There is quite a long list of conditions that separate good from evil, depending on who is doing the thinking.  Religion, society, schools of thought, and a number of teachers impose rules founded on a dual vision.  The popular interpretation of the Adam and Eve story has been indelibly impressed in humanity in all parts of the world.  The fruits of Eden are good and evil, superior and inferior.

Exoteric teachings of Light lead us to reject what is natural, all the while pretending not to.  Their vision of spirituality is guardedly severe.  There are groups in all parts of the planet that teach that the material world and the evolutionary level of the planet are inferior.  For them, humanity, besides being crass, is immersed in a repulsive astral density from which one must escape at all costs, maintaining certain (austere) norms of purity, and living, separated from the others in groups of kindred souls.  These philosophies of rejection are invisibly woven within common thought and are more prevalent that we think.

The authentic student of truth feels an obligation to question everything, inquire, and go to the bottom of perception.  A woman feels the need to listen to her feelings to guide her towards new ways of intelligent action.  In a better world, both genders will meet in sensibility that is neither female nor male.

The heart is not emotional; it is a sensible intelligence.  Far from fleeing or offering the other cheek, to embrace means to understand how light and dark are two aspects of a unit that is neither one nor the other.

The Law of Karmic Return

As justification for punishment or reward imposed by current programming, built upon the belief in separation and personal effort, guided and sanctioned by a powerful élite, the oriental concept of karma appears distorted.  The accepted version is in reality Christian dogmatism.  Incited by fear of the devil, retribution, and consequent chastisement, it corresponds to the dual world of good and bad.

Not just that.  It is a concept that has been interpreted from a linear perspective as if it were part of a banking system.  We have to pay for everything.  Since we live in debt, in some way, we are afraid and insecure for the future.  Even if we follow no religion, we flagellate ourselves.  We think we have to physically or materially pay for all our own or humanity’s transgressions.  Many support the ridiculous belief that it is virtuous to pay in advance.

In truth, “karma” supposes a holistic vision of a unit that in our dimension manifests as light and shadow, a game of polarities and oppositions.  It implies understanding humanity’s transgressions through our own authentic humanity.  It does not suggest retaliation or condemnation.  It concerns individual awakening.  As society, the justice that we project is equivalent to Mosaic Law.

As member of humanity and in affinity with it, an awakened being recognizes his or her own vulnerable condition.  Holding a just Karmic vision represents elevating oneself beyond the duality in which brutality and martyrdom, violator and violated are manifest, to exert the transcendental force of neutralizing compassion.  It is forgiveness.  It has to do with the exercise of a sensible humanitarianism that begins by recognizing the force internally and ends implementing it in intelligent forms and programs free from the hatred and fear generated by separation.

Everything that we do returns in like manner.  However, there is an enormous difference between punishment and a lesson learned.  When the energy that we have emitted returns, we live what we have set in movement, as a subject.  We feel what we have made others feel and this brings understanding.  What creates such an opportunity is the individual’s disposition.  There is not anybody or anything external that imposes it.  When we are defending ourselves from intensities that we qualify as evil and hurtful, everything that comes to us seems to attack us.

Awakening refers to an energetic law that is circular, not dual.  We do not need to fear the effect of our acts or thoughts if these are consciously lived in the knowledge of what they set in motion. Supposed “debts” are paid for instantly through the process of awakening, not in time.

Sex and the Female Body

It is believed that a man and a woman’s sexuality are the same.  The body is seen as an exploitative instrument of pleasure.  For a woman, pleasure is a holistic phenomenon and extends energetically into her world.  Sex is not merely reproductive.  It is not something that is “done”.  In a woman’s inner experience, it conditions everything around her and can be a means of learning to balance herself and those who surround her.  It does not depend on external stimulation or on another person.

The reality of sex for woman is in opposition to the common beliefs of society and the structural needs of men.  For woman the body is the universe.  Sex falls very short of the potential that a woman has.

To reach realization, a woman must incorporate the sensibility of her entire body, which means not just the skin or parts, but the depth of sensation and the symphonic choir that arises from the totality.  In this case her body speaks to her, warns her, connects her with all of Creation, prepares her, orients her and finally accompanies her during all her life with voltages that fluctuate according to the moment and her spiritual evolution.

There are many women who are not interested in sex.  For them, sex is not a duty and much less is it a need.  But, as society demands it, she is seen as wrong or frigid, which obliges her to act within an artificial and mental sexuality.

Because of her receptive structure, she feels the slightest lustful thought from anyone who looks at her.  By meditation in her own body, woman is able to discern what is hers from that which is projected upon her.  She accesses a feeling a fullness that is not sexual.

Many spiritual teachings are a continuation of the past.  The era of the Feminine Principle brings unprecedented formulas based on the dynamic experience of sensible intelligence.  If we live in sensitivity, life does not offer conflicts.  The heart knows.  The problem for many is that the heart speaks with feelings, and truth hurts.  Nobody knows this better than a woman.


“It is only in our sleep that we are separate.
The moment we are awake we are one.”
Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Ch 16, Q 4


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