Legacy, a soul’s journey – Worldwide launch

May 30th is the launching date for Zulma Reyo’s new book:

Legacy, a soul’s journey.

This is a tale of the Earth, Humanity, individual human life, gender, and most importantly that of The Teaching, spiritual transmission throughout time.

The pilgrimage is mythical, mystical, esoteric, and allegorical, deeply emotional and personal, as it is impersonal and informative. It outlines the heritage of every human being, profoundly impressed within cell memory and subliminal cosmic memory, conveying how and why we are here and where we are heading.

This journey in the shape of a book broadens our frame of reference and sows a seed of hope in us… as maybe this is precisely what we need now for the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Let’s take the first step in that journey together on May 30th.

Location: Naan – Caro 16, Santa Catalina, Palma Mallorca, Spain

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