World Servers



This dimensional level requires the least amount of effort and for this reason it is the most difficult to explain. The human being is not used to accomplishment without focus, deliberate intention, and the stress and strain derived from the linear perspective of the lower dimensions. Instead, what is deemed  important is the target set by the mind. Notice that there are many techniques for meditation and yet all of them centre on some form of device to put the mind aside.  To do something that will stop the monopoly of thought, in order to be able to appreciate and flow non-mentally with the wholeness of manifest and non-manifest life. It may take years of practice, or only seconds of surrender to yield the experience of illumination.

In the past, enlightenment suggested absenting oneself from ordinary life.  The development of the human race points to other evolutionary needs today.  Conscious contact with these finer dimensions instils the urge to tangibly bring its quality into the world, accessing and decoding truth at every level.  The person becomes a […]

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