Trial by Fire & Water



I am woman, the live coal at the bottom of the sea.  My breath awakens hunger and the thirst of humanity for a God that reaches all, and being thus devours and transforms everything.  I am as coveted as I am feared.

I will never be able to reveal the fullness of myself, which is why you cannot know me.  My pain and anger, the incongruences of my personality are but reflections of a fathomless inner ocean.  As a man you tend to relate in segments, cutting life up into portions and artificially classifying it in order to feel comfortable and in control of what you cannot understand.  If you could walk on hot embers, would you survive the bottom of the sea… to know me, feel me within, as Totality? Can you perhaps swim well enough to not drown in the maelstrom of my depths?

I am here to remind you through flesh and feelings that that which you search for in the heights and which you relegate to an unreachable space in sterile quietude, lives here and now […]

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