The foundation of spirituality is meditation. What defines it?

The intent and the journey itself are the determining factors. Arriving at a special inner space where we feel full, authentic, centered, focused, clear and empowered requires that we allow ourselves to perceive beyond material and mental objectives. When we become aware of process rather than end result, the reality that reveals itself to us is expansive, deep, inclusive and highly satisfying. Whatever the style, the goal in meditation is the experience of a natural transcendence that awakens usually hidden aspects of life.

It is a common mistake to think that we “do” meditation. In truth, the only activity involved is whatever is necessary to shift our attention away from common distractions so that we perceive a much broader scenario. Meditation captures motion and impressions that occur beyond the threshold of ordinary senses. For the authentic meditator it includes daily life and all the in-betweens, particularly other dimensions of Consciousness. It involves the subtle world of sensitivities and experiences so characteristic of higher dimensional levels. In this sense, high philosophy and […]



A young healthy person lives the thrills and excitement of the body-personality naturally. As long as there is a promise of pleasure and satisfaction, there is no need to look elsewhere. The expectation and challenge of more complex issues, further ground to conquer, and the possibility of a wide variety of emotional and physical sensations is enough. But when the person is older, it is not so “natural”, but rather sad. Spiritual life is awakened in those who have lived, not necessarily years but depth.

The idea of going beyond a sensory paradise doesn’t make itself known in the absence of pleasure but in its transcendence. The choice for amplitude, depth and contact with unknown states of being is not made in conjunction with physical life; it is made when mastery over it has been reached and energetic capacity has enlarged and refined. In other words, spirituality is not an addendum or an accident. It is an extension and amplification of the life we know.  Other than as spontaneous reprieve, spiritual experience happens when we pierce through the […]



This dimensional level requires the least amount of effort and for this reason it is the most difficult to explain. The human being is not used to accomplishment without focus, deliberate intention, and the stress and strain derived from the linear perspective of the lower dimensions. Instead, what is deemed  important is the target set by the mind. Notice that there are many techniques for meditation and yet all of them centre on some form of device to put the mind aside.  To do something that will stop the monopoly of thought, in order to be able to appreciate and flow non-mentally with the wholeness of manifest and non-manifest life. It may take years of practice, or only seconds of surrender to yield the experience of illumination.

In the past, enlightenment suggested absenting oneself from ordinary life.  The development of the human race points to other evolutionary needs today.  Conscious contact with these finer dimensions instils the urge to tangibly bring its quality into the world, accessing and decoding truth at every level.  The person becomes a […]

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