(For more detail and a better understanding of “Dimensions of Consciousness”, please read the series in three parts and see the video under the same name)

Here-Now suggests experiencing a kind of Infinite-Forever that embraces the world we know but also the many layers that cannot be measured in time or space.

Consciousness is everything; it vibrates as intelligent life in innumerable harmonies and frequencies. Knowing involves experiencing, embracing, and becoming one with every form of life, all we have been and ever could be. It touches upon Being. It is easier than we think, because it is not founded on piling up information but on inherent sensitivity and the natural quality we possess to observe and discriminate.

We live in multiple dimensions simultaneously, although our awareness may be limited to one or very few. Given certain conditions, a person is capable of living in time but also in timelessness. When this occurs, the vibrational frequencies of the mind and body oscillate much faster. Thinking becomes something entirely different from the deductive method we are familiar with.

When our aspiration is […]

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