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by Jurgen Klust


We can’t speak of spirituality without taking a look at the subjective world of individuals, beginning with our own. Personal experiences extend from self-centred awareness to subtle inner reverberations concerning greater existence. Subjectivity is the feeling nexus that decodes them, often without distinguishing their source. It represents the precise junction where our relationship with others and our environment contacts the greater participation with all of life. Our interpretation of the sensations and emotions that ensue determines the field of ethics that colours all our creations.

Ethics is not something we learn; it parts from our inner core as a caring human response. We are bequeathed commandments regarding external behaviour, but these merely replace the experience of innermost contact that provides the understanding and compassion needed for truly humane expression.

The four part series on the phenomenon of thought-forms (http://www.lamujerinterior.es/en/the-laws-of-life-i/) showed how we construct our personal and collective reality according to belief coloured by feeling. It follows that we should understand the ethical quality of resonances we project in building our common world.

It is fashionable in the spiritual world to speak […]



This dimensional level requires the least amount of effort and for this reason it is the most difficult to explain. The human being is not used to accomplishment without focus, deliberate intention, and the stress and strain derived from the linear perspective of the lower dimensions. Instead, what is deemed  important is the target set by the mind. Notice that there are many techniques for meditation and yet all of them centre on some form of device to put the mind aside.  To do something that will stop the monopoly of thought, in order to be able to appreciate and flow non-mentally with the wholeness of manifest and non-manifest life. It may take years of practice, or only seconds of surrender to yield the experience of illumination.

In the past, enlightenment suggested absenting oneself from ordinary life.  The development of the human race points to other evolutionary needs today.  Conscious contact with these finer dimensions instils the urge to tangibly bring its quality into the world, accessing and decoding truth at every level.  The person becomes a […]

Know Thyself IX

KNOW THYSELF IX (sequel to “Know Thyself V, Consciousness”)


The highest aspect of Consciousness available to us in the subtlest of ways is found in Silence. It is the place where Monadic oneness splits as it goes through a sort of prism on its way into the spectrum of our Human condition.  The multiple expression of divinity represents the source of Intelligence, or Mind as we know it.

In some traditions this range of frequencies is call “Elohim”, God as an emanating plurality.  This tremendous source is a peaceful potency of perfect blissfulness, sensed as non-localized pressure at an intuitional level.  There are different gradations of it as movement, rhythm and colour.  Here, the experience of mind and heart is fused into one.  Thinking is absent and so is personal emotion.  Yet the quality of this resonance is both Love and Intelligence.



Our education is based on linear logic and the scientific model.  Society reinforces debate rather than perception. We learn to think in postures of agreement or disagreement. Acceptance reflects the degree to which we embrace or react to a presentation. Religion has become the domain of dogma, and spirituality is loosely attached to it. This is common reality. In fact, our society rewards us according to the opinions we hold and the beliefs we profess.

People profess opinions, and agree or disagree, or agree to disagree without grasping the core of what is happening, centred as they are on their investment. For many people it is more important to win an argument than to glimpse the truth. At the very worst they suspend judgment and call it “tolerance”. Truth implies feeling and experiencing to reach a single source. The craze is to win at all costs, whether the issue is big or small. This destructive habit of professing a point of view and tenaciously adhering to it distorts understanding. Extremes are favoured rather than neutral, objective reality. […]

Know Thyself VIII – The Path

THE PATH:  The Way of the Moon and the Way of the Sun

“The Angel of the Presence lifts one hand into the blue of heaven. He plunges deep the other into the sea of forms. Thus he connects the world of form and formless life. Heaven to earth he brings; earth into heaven. … The two are one. … The Word is manifest. The work is seen complete. The Whole is visioned. The magic work is wrought. Again the two are one. The Plan is served.”                                                                                   Alice Bailey, Treatise on the Seven Rays

From the moment that we are born, our life journey on Earth reflects the unique ways of the moon and the sun.  We live under the subterranean and nebulous influence of lunar cycles and equally under the luminous solar reflection that inspires the soul.  We […]

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