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From Utopia to Reality

FROM UTOPIA TO REALITY:  The World According to a Woman


What up to now has been called “utopia” is, in fact, the authentic inner perception and experience of a woman.  The time has come where the maturity we have reached compels us to manifest what we are in all aspects of our earthly existence.

I am woman.  Within myself I contain and live a world that begs to be brought to life in our every day.  A daily life filled with hope in the future and in ever expanding levels of consciousness, where we may express a natural,  spontaneous human contact between people.  “Humane” goes much farther than the strict rules that continue to control our relationships.  It reaches beyond rules and norms in every way.

I see a world where…

The Feminine Ray II


Innana/Ishtar, Sumerian

MMD – 2500 BC – 2500 AD

The Feminine Ray is magenta with gold.  It contains formulas and ingredients for humanity and breathes over the desert of the present moment like a sigh.

Everything in creation happens in cycles, greater or lesser, ruled by Cosmic Intelligence.  Emanations, as rays, affect the Solar System, calibrating and adjusting its parts to a greater vision and purpose.  Responding to necessity and rhythm, they nourish and influence humanity as its cells, with different qualities at different moments, alternating, defining eras, and determining expression.  The main ingredient that defines an era as an evolutionary phase awakens an inner quality in individuals until it eventually manifests as a collective movement.  It sets the immediate purpose of the Race throughout its duration.

Our civilization finds itself in the latter part of a cycle of 5,000 years, but this should not to be mistaken with the end of the 5th great K’atun cycle of the Mayas.  The influence of the gender rays qualifies the social expression that drives a civilization; the Mayan cycles relate to the pace […]

Planet of Women


As of 31 October of 2012 there were 7 billion persons on the planet.  This creates innumerable problems in a society that is suffering from shortages of every sort as a result of political, religious, agricultural, economic, and natural disasters.  An important statistic to bear in mind is that as a consequence of increased wealth and health, people now – especially women – live considerably longer.

Demographic studies of the human sex ratio show that the normal world birth rate remains at an average of 101 males to 100 females.  However, under normal conditions upon reaching adulthood the women population always exceeds the men.  The death rate for developing boys is higher. Including a weaker organic constitution in early childhood, adult males are subject to a greater number of homicides, warfare, heart attacks, strokes, and even accidents.  This upsets the ratio in favour of women.

The bitter truth staring at us in the face in just another decade and a half is that there will be many more women than men.  From the time when the hormones start acting up […]

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