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Woman and Power



However reasonable people might think they are, people do not really listen to reason. Undercurrents of emotional and subtle reality cloud perception. This is so for both genders, but more so for women who find it hard to fully feel and be themselves.

Women are not aware of their power and acquire a form of power through forms of powerlessness.

Why is woman not herself? Why is the feminine spirit repressed even partially, and with it the foundation of the sacred?

It is not enough to say that men are afraid of the strong irrational force represented by women. Women themselves are afraid of it. Woman must make a tremendous effort to impress the world reasonably. In this respect, two very important characteristics related to woman’s constitution come into play. Both have to do with her feeling nature and her automatic responses to life.

First. Woman’s sensibility is such that it is often hard to bear. We are almost always seeking relief from it. This is difficult for men to understand, even the most sensitive. Women are susceptible to the subtlest of […]

Know Thyself VI – Pain and Courage

KNOW YOURSELF VI: On the Nature of Pain and Courage

With gratitude to all who have ever loved me and lent me a helping hand.  Blessings.

The essence of the human being is a State of Consciousness that takes on the shape and faculties of substance and therefore partakes of both.  Consciousness expresses as matter and also as intelligence on many levels.

When we enter into the contract of incarnation, we assume all the characteristics as well as the history of an evolutionary lineage. Its own intelligence through space-time becomes qualified with the force of Consciousness we are, have attained in matter previously, and held over ages.

Every incarnation, even that of masters takes on ancestral characteristics.  We inherit its history.  During life we develop the bridging faculty that allows our Consciousness to influence body/matter.  Illness of the body-mind can be the effect of the history of matter, the misuse of our own consciousness in matter, or both. Whatever its cause, it is an opportunity for growth.

Sensitivity today is not what it was long ago and we are directly not the cause of […]

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