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THE FEMININE IMPERATIVE: Cornerstone for Global Change

Climate changes, gender issues, slavery, and animal rights are discussed at great length while business goes on as usual. Do we rely any less on oil and toxic chemicals? Do women respect themselves for who and what they are, rather than what they do? Does trafficking of people diminish, and individual women, men, and children acquire more importance than expected performance? Does the exploitation of species, and more precisely subtle forms of domestic animal abuse cease? And most of all, do we consider how our personal lives include power plays, forms of torture, and negotiation bordering on cheap barter and extorted privilege? We lie and cheat one another and ourselves every second of our waking life while paying lip service to imagined ethics.

Something is wrong when questioning is prized over living the question and we content ourselves with theoretical probes and exceptions. Intelligent issues are not always coherent with the quality of the lives of those who phrase them. What might be looms larger than what is. And numbers, statistics, titles, charts…persistently replace the […]



The foundation of spirituality is meditation. What defines it?

The intent and the journey itself are the determining factors. Arriving at a special inner space where we feel full, authentic, centered, focused, clear and empowered requires that we allow ourselves to perceive beyond material and mental objectives. When we become aware of process rather than end result, the reality that reveals itself to us is expansive, deep, inclusive and highly satisfying. Whatever the style, the goal in meditation is the experience of a natural transcendence that awakens usually hidden aspects of life.

It is a common mistake to think that we “do” meditation. In truth, the only activity involved is whatever is necessary to shift our attention away from common distractions so that we perceive a much broader scenario. Meditation captures motion and impressions that occur beyond the threshold of ordinary senses. For the authentic meditator it includes daily life and all the in-betweens, particularly other dimensions of Consciousness. It involves the subtle world of sensitivities and experiences so characteristic of higher dimensional levels. In this sense, high philosophy and […]

Know Thyself I


Several thousand years ago the light that enabled feminine consciousness was extinguished in all but a handful of sources.  Those of us who yearn for its return are here to once again ignite that flame, that we may arise, claim our birthright, and light the world.

A woman must cultivate her sensitivity in order to develop her full capabilities. It is easy for a woman to lose herself in emotional agitation and mental conflict.  Her body absorbs everything and then becomes a tangle of sensations and feelings, difficult to decode and control. If she is to attain to the mastery that is her birthright, she must be able to distinguish sensitivity from sensibility.

To counteract the natural confusion we live in, modern women develop the intellect as men do, in our common educational system and values, but this is not enough. Woman’s mind is a rich, complex kaleidoscope of simultaneous possibilities linked to a sensitive webbing that needs to be recognized, explored, and developed.  Devoid of her deepest impulses and delicate machinery, she becomes dry and brittle, incapable of reaching and […]



In the 1950’s when I started schooling, little girls were brought up to please, make babies, and look pretty. The only avenue for growth available to the female gender was a “good” academic education. But, it offered a dubious freedom. Rote learning had been left behind a decade earlier, but not the mentality behind it. Learning and information were stressed while understanding and sensitivity were enigmatically left to fate or to the imagination. Inbred feminine survival instinct kept women repressed and neurotic on the inside, while carefully molding an appearance of acceptable freedom.

In 1965 I received a degree from an Ivy League university and a year later another. Rather than grant me freedom, my intellectual development only augmented a sense of alienation. The aggressive climate of politics, racism, continuous sensory assault, the feminist liberation campaign and other movements both diffused and exacerbated complexities, focusing almost exclusively on behavioral display and surface relief of tensions. Oppression and violence, rampant military regimes, leftist revolutions, and hopeless death tolls in the name of human rights defined the […]



Once Upon a Parallel Timelessness

In response to a series of commentaries on FB regarding the international political scenario, an old friend said something that put a brief halt to all our speculation. He asked, “Am I willing to do what it takes to let go of what isn’t right?”

Am I willing…?

Is it that simple?

Imagine a civilization that is based on equality at all levels. Where care and fairness reign. Where people know how to be with one another, fully, and truly share. Where all living things are honored. Where there is dialogue, and beyond verbal clarity there is understanding. Where there is no separation between personality and spirit. Where everyone is powerful and there are no control issues. Instead there is spontaneity and naturalness. This is a place where grievances are righted by education and joint effort, and where everyone feels responsible because everyone is sensitive to one another and to the environment.

The words “love” and “light” are wholly unnecessary.

Where could this be? Is it an ancient tribe somewhere, forgotten […]



“For there is nothing either good or bad,

but thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet)


Beyond the forms we see every day, even the most insignificant, the grandeur of Life is revealed. But, we need to have eyes to see, the kind of seeing where we Know.

The general belief is that in order to know we need information. This applies to experience as well. Socially, experience is limited to participation in circumstances that confirm our definitions and expectations.   Collective life reflects a relation of definitions that involves performance and a shadow-play of barely discernible self-images. The information gathered takes up form and space in our mind, and knowledge prizes the result of imaginary reflections.

Formulas and theories are like glitter. They are glamorous but superficial. They pretend to be luminous. No matter how well we handle them, unless we put them into living practice they are useless. Like reading a manual versus learning to ride a bicycle.

However, most people prefer formulas, ready-made categories, forgeries, and information. Relationships become more important than people. We feel a […]



The latest discoveries in science tend to corroborate age-old metaphysical principles and conscientious researchers in both fields are keen to integrate them into our world.  Equally avid, imitators, attention-seekers, and marketing experts provide the public with gadgets, tricks, programs and products that simulate spiritual technology.

Gatherings organized to inform the public about the dynamics of spirit fall into two main groupings and, unfortunately, the distinction between the two kinds of activity, as well as their purpose, is often blurred.  Any intelligent person who lives outside the range of the New Age mentality is bound to confuse categories and dismiss them both.   Here is perhaps why.     

Congresses and Conferences tend to be educational as well as informative, well documented, and often revolve around a theme.  They can be as challenging as they can be boring and overly complicated. The subjects range from health research to quantum physics.  During the course of a series of talks, books and subsidiary material is made available.  Spiritual or “Mystical” Fairs, on the other hand are lively, eclectic and more obviously commercial, packed with […]

Know Thyself VI – Pain and Courage

KNOW YOURSELF VI: On the Nature of Pain and Courage

With gratitude to all who have ever loved me and lent me a helping hand.  Blessings.

The essence of the human being is a State of Consciousness that takes on the shape and faculties of substance and therefore partakes of both.  Consciousness expresses as matter and also as intelligence on many levels.

When we enter into the contract of incarnation, we assume all the characteristics as well as the history of an evolutionary lineage. Its own intelligence through space-time becomes qualified with the force of Consciousness we are, have attained in matter previously, and held over ages.

Every incarnation, even that of masters takes on ancestral characteristics.  We inherit its history.  During life we develop the bridging faculty that allows our Consciousness to influence body/matter.  Illness of the body-mind can be the effect of the history of matter, the misuse of our own consciousness in matter, or both. Whatever its cause, it is an opportunity for growth.

Sensitivity today is not what it was long ago and we are directly not the cause of […]

Being and The Mother Cell


In Spanish, a stem cell is called a “célula Madre”, meaning “Mother Cell”.

The consciousness of the Inner Woman is like that of a Mother Cell over her molecular surroundings.  She repairs and reconstructs, regenerates and renews.

A Mother Cell, guardian of the original pattern of atomic life, maintains impeccable silence until it is activated by discord.  It then reminds an unwell body the vibratory rhythm of its original pattern of perfection.  It catalyses.  It produces a number of possibilities of itself.  In this way Nature works in silent harmony, reproducing and dividing itself without losing its integrity.  Through the law of synchrony, everything responds to its pattern and manifests accordingly.  This reminds us of the state of Being of a person who, in his or her pure form transmits harmony to its body, its world, and its creations.

The human heart works in similar manner.  According to investigations, heart neurons work independently from the rest of the body.  The heart sustains and renews life and furnishes warmth for human feeling.  It is the subtle connection with all sensible life and […]

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