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Being Nice

Instinct leads us to survive under any and all circumstances, sparking tremendous creativity that falls into patterns that compose our self-identity and behavior. Our personality is a monument to the kind of social pressures that have shaped us – family, friends, colleagues, spirit of the time – reflecting a type. Every individual invariably falls into one kind, and every generation grows the same ones over and over again. There is nothing original or unique about personality.

Some of us construct more attractive façades than others, yet every single one of them is forged on adaptation, a series of mechanisms that assures human response, buffeting isolation and aloneness. Still, behavioral masks come at the cost of soul contact and harbor disagreeable although often veiled characteristics, unconsciousness, anger and fear. Somewhere too, beautiful soul characteristics manage to surface from time to time, although scratching the surface, it is not difficult to discover flaws of selfishness.

There is one type of identity pattern that wins the popularity contest and manages to evade criticism. Everybody likes a nice person. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable and […]

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