Modern Priestess

A Dangerous Proposal



The Feminine Mystery School is training-in-Being for our time, where woman must speak out and be counted.  It is not a social club or a religious institution. 

If you are afraid to be different or attract attention…

If you think a relationship, money, academic credentials, or techniques alone will improve your lot or that of any woman in the world… If you hold secrets… If you like some people and dislike others… If you feel that someone is to blame for the way things are…

This group will not offer solutions.

If you feel that you are “spiritual”… If you look for beauty, truth, purity and love and cannot find it around you… If meditation is a way of avoiding the drudgery of the world… If you are defensive, angry, look for pity or consolation because you have been disrespected as a woman…

You will not find satisfaction among us.

If you feel afraid, weak, incapable, or you need to be needed… If you seek approval, cannot bear to be alone, or don’t know what to do… If […]

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