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The foundation of spirituality is meditation. What defines it?

The intent and the journey itself are the determining factors. Arriving at a special inner space where we feel full, authentic, centered, focused, clear and empowered requires that we allow ourselves to perceive beyond material and mental objectives. When we become aware of process rather than end result, the reality that reveals itself to us is expansive, deep, inclusive and highly satisfying. Whatever the style, the goal in meditation is the experience of a natural transcendence that awakens usually hidden aspects of life.

It is a common mistake to think that we “do” meditation. In truth, the only activity involved is whatever is necessary to shift our attention away from common distractions so that we perceive a much broader scenario. Meditation captures motion and impressions that occur beyond the threshold of ordinary senses. For the authentic meditator it includes daily life and all the in-betweens, particularly other dimensions of Consciousness. It involves the subtle world of sensitivities and experiences so characteristic of higher dimensional levels. In this sense, high philosophy and […]



Part Three of “Sensitivity in the City”


Sensitivity reflects the capacity of a human being for receiving and processing sensory physical, emotional, and mental impressions. But, receptivity does not guarantee correct or adequate awareness or interpretation of stimuli. Self protectively, highly sensitive people block out a great deal of impressions and focus only on one or two avenues. The same applies to observation that does not always match the ample levels of possible perception.

Conditioned by the immediate reality, every sensitive person focuses on one or more senses and these become a refuge as well as a means of communication. What really distinguishes them from the more average people is the degree to which the feel and respond. An artist will reflect experience visually, a musician through sound, a sculptor or an architect through the delicate sense of touch and proportion. Food preparation engages a wide variety of gustatory and olfactory properties. A dancer says it all through the body, while intellectual activity, on the other hand, limits perceptions to mental representations.

Meditation develops Consciousness. […]

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