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THE FEMININE IMPERATIVE: Cornerstone for Global Change

Climate changes, gender issues, slavery, and animal rights are discussed at great length while business goes on as usual. Do we rely any less on oil and toxic chemicals? Do women respect themselves for who and what they are, rather than what they do? Does trafficking of people diminish, and individual women, men, and children acquire more importance than expected performance? Does the exploitation of species, and more precisely subtle forms of domestic animal abuse cease? And most of all, do we consider how our personal lives include power plays, forms of torture, and negotiation bordering on cheap barter and extorted privilege? We lie and cheat one another and ourselves every second of our waking life while paying lip service to imagined ethics.

Something is wrong when questioning is prized over living the question and we content ourselves with theoretical probes and exceptions. Intelligent issues are not always coherent with the quality of the lives of those who phrase them. What might be looms larger than what is. And numbers, statistics, titles, charts…persistently replace the […]

Breaking Ground


To introduce and then establish the Feminine Principle in the structure of our world demands taking risks that people in power are not willing to take.  It calls for a lot more than well-meaning rhetoric about feminine attributes.  It requires living these attributes and exploring them through to the end, entailing validating the experience of feeling-sensitivity and its formidable power to influence and hold ground.

There are few if any feminine precedents to follow, none of them clear or appropriate.  Matriarchal societies pertain to another era, a more tribal phase of development when humanity was not as developed globally.  Atlantean, Lemurian, and pre-dynastic Egyptian societies upheld a kind of equality, localised in places during certain periods of time.  The record of this is difficult to decode and it is unlikely that it be accepted by the rational consensus.  We not only constitute a different cultural model now, we actually think and feel differently.

The example of the Amazons is exciting, appealing to the aggressive instincts of a modern psyche.  Their model advocated “separate but equal” rights and functions for women and […]

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