Knowing how to be Alone

Love is Never Lost


Love is never lost.  Every experience of love threads into another until together they construct a mountain range that harbours tenderness shared.  Towards the end of our lives, love stands revealed as the golden path of scintillating filaments that weave our history.  At its very centre appears a flame, ignited by the unmistakable fire of a single most intense experience that reached our inner core and breathed life into all the rest, defining the beginning of time lived.

The love of my life rescued me from the meaninglessness of ordinary relationships.  It was frightening at first, volatile and tempestuous, deeply stirring, fragile and defiant, friendly, playful, and also all involving.  We fell into inner shadowy whirlpools and arose quietly in luminous resonance time and again.  Our sharing defined the future and severed us from the past.  It was an experience we would not, could not, ever repeat, and it would bear the weight – as memories of pain and ecstasy – for all the future loves.

There is always such an impression in the life of a whole […]

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