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Women and men desire to work together, side by side in true partnership.  The problem is that when we come together we do so out of lack rather than fullness.  We believe the other is meant to complete or balance us, and seem to be attracted to projections of ourselves, or what we believe we need, instead of to differences that might prove challenging and obligate us to assume full responsibility for ourselves.  We expect to be loved for what we do and love others for how they present themselves, rather than for what one is.  In the professional field we judge and compete according to predetermined goals and standards, rather than distinguish unique faculties, attributes and unforeseen perspectives.  This is no ground for partnership.

We need to redefine partnership, the couple, and equality as the co-existence of difference and uniqueness.  Rather than the common belief that genders compliment one another, that they are halves of a whole, and that we must “help” one another, each of us might strive to be whole and authentic.

We pay a […]




(For information on the dynamics of gender energies, refer to the “Parallel Journeys”, available at this website.)

It is important to understand that Inner Woman and Inner Man are concepts that refer to the embodiment of the Feminine or Masculine Principles according to the awakened consciousness of an individual and his or her circle of possibilities. Excellence represents an aware, humble, active acknowledgment of capacities and the need for involvement in life. There can be no generalisation Rather than “enlightenment” the term implies realisation in a very human, individual, as well as social sense.

This article in particular responds to the insistent, although not unkind prodding I have received from so many men to describe my conception of The Inner Man. If it appears that I have ignored men’s needs, it is only because so little is known about female authenticity. Woman needs to understand and come to terms with the depths she embodies before she can make her unique and urgent contribution to society. In a sense men and all of Creation are waiting for women […]



We don’t learn the things that we think we learn; we learn what we are, foremost as woman or man, and then, through the inner unfolding of gender we attain to innumerable achievements that only Spirit understands.  Beyond our worldly realizations however, gender leads us through an obstacle course of ordinary impulses into realization through a very defined path that in no way depends on the actions of the other gender.

Socially, culturally, physically, and professionally, conditions may be the same for a man as for a woman, yet inner faculties call forth the awakening of unique energetic characteristics that lie encoded within. This is yet another device that Life offers us to compel us to learn management of faculties in two different and parallel ways.  Our inner faculties as gender forces come with the package of karmic characteristics we chose. The path of women and men through life consists in pursuing different inner routes.

A woman’s journey begins with an honest evaluation of herself as a person and ends in embracing expansiveness.  She begins with the particular and the concrete, and […]

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