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In all relationships, including friendship, the ground is always shaky. To be in a close relationship with someone does not assure mutual trust fully. Partial dishonesty or omission of fact is expected in commercial and professional settings where there is no question of hurt feelings, but with family and friends it hurts. No matter what might be said in spiritual teachings about the need for detachment, or in social circles about freedom and liberalism, commitment to another human being means involvement, and this requires emotional trust. A little white lie is still a lie, and “not sharing” in order to spare suffering is just another way of protecting oneself from inevitable participation in another’s feelings, which invariably trigger our own. Living entails depth and amplitude, constant movement, change and adaptation at every level. Most of all, it requires presence and loyalty to innermost truth. Without this, relationships lack humanity and the quality of the spiritual.

Emotional sensibility is the essence of humanity and spirituality. I am forever aware of being held within the embrace […]

From Utopia to Reality

FROM UTOPIA TO REALITY:  The World According to a Woman


What up to now has been called “utopia” is, in fact, the authentic inner perception and experience of a woman.  The time has come where the maturity we have reached compels us to manifest what we are in all aspects of our earthly existence.

I am woman.  Within myself I contain and live a world that begs to be brought to life in our every day.  A daily life filled with hope in the future and in ever expanding levels of consciousness, where we may express a natural,  spontaneous human contact between people.  “Humane” goes much farther than the strict rules that continue to control our relationships.  It reaches beyond rules and norms in every way.

I see a world where…

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